V3 wrap-up

V3 wrap-up

May 05, 2022

Dear Supporters

You will have seen on the RGT Magic Roads group that V3 is now the default.

I'm fairly pleased with the result, and I hope it's well received. Internally, there's not much there that I feel reflects any terrible decisions or unsustainable "technical debt". Neither is it perfect, but it feels more or less "functionally complete " with the addition of Smart Smoother.

It's likely to all go a bit quiet now, though increased traffic from the Wahoo deal might change things, and there's some possibility of working in tandem with RGT on some new features, but they're rather busy right now.

Also, waiting for translations to arrive. There's so far offers for French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Timing is beyond my control of course.

Thank you all for chucking a bit of cash around; it's a lovely gesture. Let me know if there's more I can do to make GPXmagic any better.


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