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Jan 23, 2023

Welcome to for week 2 (of 4) of November 2022!

What a week! Are we still a free country? So far so good-ISH...

Monday 11.7.22


I always think I can trap Republicans using their own logic, but then I remember they don't really seem to apply much logic to their thinking... yet, I try anyway. Gotta look like I did SOMETHING for future historians to look back at and not be totally disgusted!

OH HEY: You can now subscribe to FacingLife.WTF on! Just head over to FacingLife.WTF and subscribe now! You can come back after you're done and read the rest of this week's promise!

Tuesday 11.8.22

Pete is Writing


Sadly, I wasn't writing this week. I've learned recently that the thing I love to do most in life seems to be the first thing I sacrifice in favor of other, easier projects. Definitely want to do something about that. There WILL be more FutureBlog in next week's!

Wednesday 11.9.22

Kosmik Book

OH GOSH: Kosmik Book is ALSO on now! Why not head back over to and subscribe right now? Like I said, I'll still be here!

See? Told ya! Still here!

Now, if you are confused at all about Kosmik Book, I understand. The short version is that KB is a sequel to the much less fun and not very science fictiony at at all, Pete, Cartooned diary comic that I used to draw. Essentially, I got board of writing my diary comic so I turned it into a scifi comic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thursday 11.10.22

Nerd Shirt of the Day this Week

Here comes Week 10 (Nerd Shirts 64-74) featuring Star Wars, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and MORE!

Want to see just the shirts and NOT spend 12 minutes hearing the fascinating backstories? Well, here is the entire month of November for you!

Friday 11.11.22

Friday Funnies

It's a fun challenge to write for Judgie Bear. He's not the kind of teddy bear to just straight up insult you--he makes you work for it.

Below are a couple of early sketches and jokes I had for him that were definitely not ready to come out of the oven:

Like last week's exclusive-for-supporters content, the above drawings have never seen the light of day. I don't think even my wife has seen them. And you can see why--both are decent enough sketches but the jokes are just not quite there yet. Every so often I go back through my old sketchbooks and take photos of drawings I want to revisit in some way. In the case of these two, I do think there is hope for both jokes. And yep, these sketches are both from almost 9 years ago.

OK! That's it for this week's! Thanks for reading!

-Pete Nicholls

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