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Well on our way to 15,000 subscribers an ...

Well on our way to 15,000 subscribers and 4 million views

Jan 11, 2022

So that didn't take long.

I guess good quality videos have a big audience and am I very happy to see my work so well received by a wider and wider audience each day. So many compliments, great comments, even a few jokes on the account of my accent make my each and every day!

Thank you all for your support and viewership and keep those comments and likes coming. They help my videos shine as a beacon in the endless sea that is YouTube's library and bring in more gamers who want to enjoy my content.

I have lot's of plans and constantly imagine more videos than I produce each week. This is exactly why I am having a freelance editor work for me full time for almost half a year now and her work is amazing, surpassing often even my own.

I am trying to find a researcher and scriptwriter right now as those are needed workplaces on my channel if I am to be able to post even more videos each week.

My ultimate plan is a video for each day. And something different each time. But for now I am going to be happy to try and get up to four videos a day.

Thank you for watching, reading and enjoying my content. I wish you all happy gaming!

Yours truly, Perafilozof

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