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More than 15,000 subscribers and 4 milli ...

More than 15,000 subscribers and 4 million total views

Feb 22, 2022

Hello my fellow gamers and supporters!

I wanted to let you know of the stellar progress Perafilozof channel has been making in these last two months.

Not only did we sail past 15,000 subscribers but the total amount of views is well past 4,000,000 now! The last few videos were total success with even broad audiences showing up to watch and I am very happy to see that happen more and more often on my channel.

I have done my best to spread my work over many strategy subgenres covering RTS, turn based, management, simulation and even 4X and grand strategy games. I have noticed a lot of the audience enjoys a verity of these subgenres and wanted to showcase games which reflect this.

So beyond a number of Going Medieval videos I have added CrossFire: Legion and Diplomacy is Not an Option into the mix with some other ocasional games like ERA ONE, Global Conflagration and a number of other ones.

I want to thank you for taking such an interest in my channel and the content I have been making. In my next post I will detail the new additions to my team of freelancers who help me create more content, faster and how your support makes paying them possible.

Thank you for reading and watching, and happy gaming!

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