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What do we do with the bags we collect?

What do we do with the bags we collect?

Mar 16, 2023

Usually, if it’s a small haul we take it to nearby bins or recycling facilities. With the larger ones like this one, 30 bags plus the stuff in the concrete barriers, we reach out to local municipalities, charities and communities with photos, locations and coordinates.

Where it seems to fall on deaf ears.

There is a pile of old bags full of trash at the top of the hill that has been there some time, despite daily landrover tours up there, no one takes it away. We will keep trying of course, because the alternative is death, destruction, at the least health implications for us now and for future generations as plastic waste is found in animals and even in human tissue.

We are all part of the problem of course, but we can also be part of the solution.

If anyone knows anyone in Cyprus who can help - we have coordinates for every pick we’ve done here: 

Thank you as ever for your support, monetary or simply commenting and sharing our posts, we appreciate you! 

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