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You are only small if you think small.

You are only small if you think small.

May 16, 2022

Do all the creators out there who are stuck in the small create the mindset? Stop referring to yourself as a small creator. The longer you're faith yourself as a small, greater, the longer you will be a small creator.

In a moment of euthoric madness I forgot that I was only small. I forgot I had a game and channel with 100 subscribers and I forgot that my tech channel was still under 500 subscribers.

Unforgetting myself for a moment. I started reaching out and doing things differently. I won't go into too much detail here but it fits perfectly into my mental illness haha.

I started reaching out the game publishers and game developers and asking them if we can work together. The benefits were pretty much immediate. Which is enabled me to provide more value to my views and in turn has grown my channel.

The tech channel has seen more growth over the last few days than it has done in the last couple of months, despite not actually publishing any new content whatsoever.

The difference? I stopped thinking of myself as a small creator and I stopped referring to myself in that way.

If you think small, your results will be small.

So what stopping you from thinking big?

Start now.

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