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More Tech, Shorts, Livestreams.

More Tech, Shorts, Livestreams.

Aug 23, 2021

Happy Monday!

Looking forward to what is going to be a great week. What do you have planned? My lips are sealed for my plans so lets just talk about the week just gone and catch up on what you may have missed.

Pedder Games

  • We are getting vloser to the first mile stone of 100 subscribers! If you haven't subscribed yet - please do!

  • To start this week i posted a video to talk about Emma's (EJ Games) new Crayta challenge. Check out the video of the updated Jungle Run Extreme and see if you can top the leader boaerd to win a Google Play Voucher

  • If youa re still wondering "How does Cyberounk play on stadia" i streamed a short look at Cyberpunk 2077 game play on my channel to show you. This is streamed from youtube direct from my TV just using a chromecast ultra!! WOW! Check it out.

  • And then on to some fun with you guys. I had a great time streaming Crayta and Dead by Daylight with people on the livestream. I look forward to doing even more of these in the future as the channel grows. Make sure you check it out to se what you're missing out on. subscribe so you can play with us next time.

Special shout out this week to Lee (@CloudGamingDad) for finishing up the main campaign on The Avengers after a rough timer he dusted himself off and put on a great show. More power to you lee! Keep doing what you're doing!

Pedder Tech!

  • The first video this week was a bit of a sdhowecase for the Niote 20 Ultra. 12 months on i thought it would be a nice time to show how the camera is holding up on this absolute work horse of a phone. We took the kids to Crosby beach which was a good excuse to take some pictures and videos.

  • After a busy day the beach it was time to relax with some gaming on my 2nd favourite screen at home with XBox Game Pass show i thought i would show you how it performs.

  • And lastly fort this week on Pedder Tech i have been playing with Shorts. YouTube Shorts. check them out. Let me know what you think,. and let me know if you would like to see more of this sort of conent.

Thats's everything for this week. Thank you for your on going support. Lots coming in the following weeks sdo please, hit subscribe, click the bell. Enjoy the videos!


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