The third wife.🔞

The third wife.🔞

Mar 31, 2022

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(Amidst his sexy wives he's a sex maniac)


An erotic romance






Meet Bryan Rawlinson son of one of the eight billionare's in North America.

    The eight billionaires are the richest in the North America and the richest happens to be Bryan Rawlingson father


    Who married seven wives, yes the eight billionaires never marries one wife


    What happens when Rawlingson is laid to rest and his heir Bryan had to take over the role as an eight billionaire?


He marries a first and second wife according to the rule of the eight billionaires only to get a cute baby girl Anna


   As a sex maniac his wife can't satisfy his huge divk for him, so looking for a third wife?

    He paid off a young peasant farmer to give his daughter to her and he did cuz of poverty


    Daughter? Who is his daughter?

   Mai... A young girl of twenty-two who is an intern as a baker, she's beautiful but very crazy


    What happens when she's married forcefully away to that sex dog?

    I don't think that will augur well with the two?

   Being among the two other wives


    And love??

Don't even think of it? Bryan doesn't fancy love likewise Mai

    What will happen








 (Amidst his sexy wives, he's a sex maniac)


Erotic Romance





Episode 1



     🌲 MAI🌲


"How could you do something that awful father, all in the name of money! "I flared up at the dining table after he narrated his ordeal with an eight billionaire to me


I know that guy, that flirt who calls himself Bryan, every girl's dream man but not mine!!

      I broke into tears not believing he could really do a thing like that


     How did he know me? Yeah i know i met him once when we went for a competition on the best baker of the year few months ago and I met him once, that flirty bastard!!


   How can he come for me? After all he did to my friend that night? How can he do this? How did he know my father? How can my dad sell me so so cheap to him?


I know leaving had been so hard for us since my mom left us for another man when I was still tender but that's no enough reason for him to sell me to that flirty dog!!!


    I can't marry that stupid handsome for nothing guy! I have my own choice and all my life I've never prayed to be anyone's second girlfriend let alone a third wife!!


      "How could you! How could you dad? "

    "How could I? You should be happy... This is every girl's dream man... I know he's married... "

    "Twice!! Twice dad!! He has married twice!! "


      "But he's an eight billionaire, don't you get it? "

What is this old lean man saying? Eight billionaire so what! So I should bend down and worship him? I prefer his younger half brother Adrian to him! He's such a flirt when it comes to girls and then becoming a third wife??


      "I can't father, I will never marry him"

    "What did you just say??"

    "I can't fucking marry him, I can't be a third wife to that a$$hole billionaire!! " I cleared him up


     "Mai you think I want this? I did it for you!! Aren't you tired of suffering? Sometime am ashamed of saying you're my daughter cuz am too poor to provide what you want! I want you to live big, this is not a life I want for you Mai to be suffering about, am a peasant farmer who can barely square two meals a day for you, Mai... I love you so much and I can't sell my only child off like  that"


    I sobered peering into his eyes, we can barely square three meals a day and am so contented with it, I don't fashion make expensive hairs and am still contented with it


   When I start off fine in my baking business, we will be fine!!

    "I love you too dad and am going to get that money back to him! Where did you keep it? "

      "Are you crazy! You're marrying him period! "


Is he kidding me? If he's kidding me then he better stop it! Marry that flirt! God forbid! Its not happening an eight billionare or not!


"Then I  think  you will have to kill me first before you take me to him father! What is wrong with you! A third wife!! Your only child becomes a third wife to that stupid flirty bastard hunh! Is that what you want! Give me the money, lemme take it back to him now! "


      "Many days of travel to go return the money right? Mai have you gone nuts! Am your father and what I  say is final! You're marrying him whether you like it or not! "


    What's gone into my father??

     "Give me the money first"

   "I gambled with it, its obvious... "He said shrugging his shoulders


       "You what! "

"I gambled all the money! Its been long he paid me that money! Where do you think all that money you were spending buying clothes, shoes, dying your hairs and and and others came from? "


   Sweet Jesus! I suspected that money and when I asked him he said he got it from the sale of his farm produce. And actually it was the money he realized from selling me off, I broke down again in tears


    Why is he telling me all this now?

     "You know what father, I hate you! So much! You lied to me, oh yes you did"I sniffed my nose glaring at him

     He sighed heavily and at the same time smiled


     "I don't know what you have against this man but he's an eight billionaire, the richest among the eight billionaires actually so... "

     "Oh come off it father! I need to marry someone I love with all my heart and not because of some petty money he spends on me! "


   He gave a small laugh rolling his eyes at me

      "Don't worry baby, you will love him okay? "He made to pat my shoulder with those hands of his but I was quick to shrug them off me


      "I will never father! And I will do anything I can to raise his money and pay him back! " I yelled

Running my eyes all over him, I left the dinning carefully carried on my handbag and left the house





*"Hey Mai, you're a bit late and big Momma is angry already that you... Hey! What's wrong with your mood? "

That was my closest friend Alicia whom I always confide in when it gets tough for me, she's someone I really need to talk to right now cuz my heart is burning


       "Its my dad... My dad sold me!! " I said leaning on her shoulder, she frowned immediately she heard that from me

      "Oh dear! Your dad? To whom? Why would your dad sell you"


       "I don't know! And you know the person he sold me to? "

     "No, I don't know... Tell me, "

     "Bryan Rawlingson that flirt of a guy wants me to be his third wife"


Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets as it blinked madly at me

     "What is it Alicia, that stupid flirty bastard wants me for a third wife to go fight over with his other wives over a bed I think and am so young to be a wife not to talk of a second and then a third "


  I don't think she was listening to all I was saying the way she was mopping at me as if I said something honorable

    "You mean my own Bryan, an eight billionaire? Tell me my own Bryan Rawlingson? O sweet Mai"she started hugging me tenderly


     "I'm so so happy for you! Bryan wants to marry you then why the tears baby? You're so lucky always lucky"she stroke my cheeks

    Not even helping matters


     "I won't marry him, I can't... Be a third wife? Sounds so awful to me!! "

    She frowned again

   "Why? He's cute, handsome, tall, rich, romantic and not rude, o goddamn! Every girl's dream man, can't you see his abs, perfect athletic body of his?? Mai you're missing out"she hissed


    She's boring me, what do they see in this guy? I just don't know!!

     "I won't marry him and I won't "

"Owh! Owh! Owh! Don't tell me you still a crush on Adrian? "She nudged me


     "Come off it! How can I crush on someone I've never seen for once"I replied rolling my eyes at her

     "Or maybe Jeremy's family, one of the eight billionaires? Or Arnold's or Nathan's or... "


       "Stop it! "

"Why will I stop? Obviously your dad made a right choice for you and you have to accept that... "Her eyes turned to be looking at another direction


      "What are you doing here? discussing when we have a birthday cake contract with the Jasper's to make isn't it? Mai! See me in my office now! "


    Big Momma voice roared out hoarsely. My fat woman! What I used to call her actually apart from that Big Momma name thing which suit her huge giant body alot


   "You heard me right, see me in my office"her hoarse came again now this time much more directly to me

      "Yes momma"I replied bending my head down and following her from behind to her office








(Amidst his sexy wives, he's a sex maniac)


Erotic romance





Episode Two



"Clear up my office now you ladies, go meet up with Alicia to start the baking, Mai wouldn't be joining you guys"she ordered Marianne and Joanna whom we met inside her office as we walked in


      "Yes momma"they bent their heads down walking past us

       "Hi Mai"

    "Hi ladies, be out soon"I waved at them as they hollered at me walking past me. They nodded their heads as they walked banging the door behind them


     She went close to her sit and sat down heavily on her chair and gave me a sign to sit too which I did sitting opposite her table

        "Uhm.... Mai"

        "Yes? "

She cleared her throat, putting her stuffy plump hands on the table


       "You see, you remember that few months ago we went on a competition? "

    Why is she bringing it up all of a sudden

       "Yeah.... I remember "


   "Okay... Lemme put it this way"she cleared her throat again for the second time"we won the best baker of the year right? "

   I nodded my head trying to get her points


    "Yes right? That's all because of Bryan's help! He helped us win in a condition that erm... You marry him! Isn't that great! A thousand girls will kill themselves to have him you know" she said displaying her brownish rows of teeth


         "What! We won because of Bryan! Why would he want me of all people!! Why hunh!! " I bit my lower lip moping at her

     Seems like everyone ganged up against me all because of that flirty dog!!


      "He has interest in you.... And your dad called me to say you refused him? Why?"

    So its their plan all along?

    "All of this doesn't make sense Momma! Are you telling me that you won the best baker of the year competition cuz of me? You both traded me like that hunh? O sweet Jesus!! "

  I ran my eyes angrily all over her body


      "Are you talking to me like that? "Her hoarse voice roared at me

     I calmed down a bit, Bryan is really messing with me! I told him there's no us not even in the next life and all he could do is this?

      He's such an a$$hole!!


       "Mai.... "She called our eyes meeting each other, I looked away from her bringing my gaze down to the floor

      "Yes? "

    "Open the door! "She ordered

       "What! "

"Open the damn door! "

Does she mean am dismissed or what? Okay fine, I went close to the door, holding the doorknob I pushed it and the door opened up to show three hefty men all suited up in black with sunglasses standing right there


           Fear gripped me

    "Momma---are---you---expecting someone? "I stammered my gaze still on them

       "Seize her"I heard her say

     And they grabbed me

  "Hey leave me alone! I'm not going anywhere with you guys! Let me go!! "I struggled in their grasp until one of them pressed his hand to my nose and that was all I could remember....




"Fück me harder, o sweet hubby!

      Yeah... Oh yeah! That spot, don't pull out just yet! "April kept screaming and moaning into my ears a I drilled her harder


      I flipped her over making her ass crop up in a doggy style and facing my hard covk. I smacked her ass severally before I inserted my covk into her a$$hole and started pushing into it slowly


      I groaned with pleasure not minding her moans now as I increased my pace into her, I started drilling her much harder, I held her hair together with my left hand and screwed much faster


      "I'm cumming!! "She screamed and she came for the fifth time. I pulled out from her and asked her to turn around which she did

     I held her head down to my covk and pushed it into her mouth


    She suckled on it stroking it severally with her fingers giving me that very dirty lustful sensation I love and cherish whenever they give me a blow job

     Soon, I was in the moons with my eyes shut I started muttering nonsense


       "There you go!

Shush! Aaaargggh! April! You're killing me with those lips of yours. Take it slow! "I groaned that I didn't even know when I started cumming in her mouth.


   She pulled out immediately making my cum splash all over her face and bøøbs. I breathed hard after releasing the contents and we both landed back to the bed in a thud breathing real fast


      "Bryan! "She called softly after she rested her head on my chest

      Hope she doesn't demand for nonsense cuz all I need right now is a very cold bath and then go to work and not some pesterings this early morning


      "You promised me a new car, a Ferrari red sport car"she reminded stroking my abs

      I rolled my eyes at her, always demanding for craps just because I like having sex with her more than my other wife Mabel who is a crybaby everytime I fuvk her"


      "Oh! I said that out of pleasure okay? But first I got you a blue Lamborghini last month didn't I "

         She started mumbling making a baby face at me


       "Mabel has a red sport Ferrari and I want one too atleast for Anna! "She blinked her eyes twice holding the bedsheets closer to her waist area leaving her chest bare for me to see


        Everything Mabel has, she wants it too and I know it!

     "I will have to think about it okay cuz now I need a bath and I have an appointment with your dad's company today okay!"


     She doesn't  seem to get that

      "Promise me, you're buying it for me cuz I need to show it off to my friends soon! " she said that kissing my earlobe and then nibbling at it

     I moaned softly, she really knows how to get me do things for her


       "I promise "

"Oh that's my hubby"she wrapped her arms around me excitedly


        "Aren't you done yet to get down from the bed for me to sleep! "Mabel took us by surprise as she came into the room

   April frowned seeing her, cat and rat all the time! They never get along with each other


She turned to look at me after glaring daggers at  April and smiled seductively. She stepped closer into the room banging the door behind her with her left leg


      "Morning hun"she greeted and started untying her red robe which she was putting on. It dropped down to the floor in a swift. She climbed out of it and my gaze went back to her bare body now, her voluptuous bøøbs and hard pink nïpplés was there pointing at me


      "You like what you see? "She winked at me biting her bottom lip sexily at me. She dipped her hand down to her V area giving out a soft moan. And then she started yanking her pant off


     "April don't you think you should leave I and my husband alone now? "She said to her as she stepped closer towards me. I smacked my lips watching her swollen shaved pu$$y


         "Come over here Mabel"I grabbed her soft butts with my both hands squeezing them hard. I was  getting hard already


    "Hubby I... I... "

    "April I think you should leave now"I cut her up

     "But... "

    "The door is open April, you heard him"she replied her running her two hands into my deep blonde hair


    She grudgingly came down from the bed naked gathered her clothes which was in the floor and walked out not minding to close the  door behind her


     "Hey! April you need to close that door, I don't want to see your squeaky little girl in here"

She rolled her eyes at her before banging the door shut...


       "Only us now? "She said and I nodded taking her lips into mine. I kissed her bottom lip slowly increasing my the pace at every second till she started moaning softly amidst the kisses and then pulled out to catch some breath.


   A knock came at my door

   "April leave"I shouted rubbing her thighs

     "Its not April, its me Jason"

    "Come in"

He opened the door came in and closed his eyes not to see us as we are


     "Say want you want to say! "

"I uhm.. Erm.. I'm sorry I barged in on you.. uhm"

     "Start talking! "

"The young girl is here! "


    "Which young girl? "

Can't remember that one


      "Mai is the name"....








(Amidst his sexy wives, he's a sex maniac)


Erotic romance






Episode 3


       "Which Mai"

Oops! I remember... My baking Mai!! Finally at last she's here in my home like I promised her

   Never seen a girl so stubborn like her that's why I had to bribe her daddy and her boss into marrying her tho


      "C'mon Bryan, I'm so horny right now"she moaned out bringing her head closer to mine

   I glanced her over and kissed her neck in a way that she didn't help herself but to scream in pleasure


    I've got to go see Mai who said I will never in her entire be her hubby

   Sounds funny that she still don't know whom I am

    She thinks I like her... She's mistaken cuz all I want from her is to screw her pu$$y so hard that she scream on top of her for me stop and not a fùvking love or lust of hers


    I disengaged from her staring at her face curiously

  "What's that for? I smell? I shaved it clean just as you always want it "she mumbled trying to hold me again to herself


    "No, not that okay I'll be back, lemme attend to Jason who's over there"I pointed to where he leaned on the wall with closed eyes probably not to see us


     "What is he saying? Why is he here? Send him away cuz I need you so bad right now"she insisted holding onto my robe as I made to wear it


     "Mabel, promise  you just few minutes okay, you don't know how much my dïçk"I touched it rubbing it slowly for her to see and she did shiver when she saw the way I rubbed it for her "dīçk wants you... "I brought my mouth closer to her ear and whispered "it wants you so bad"I nibbled at her earlobe


   "But now, I have something to attend to okay... Wait for me right here and don't move"I kissed her neck and strolled out of the room with Jason walking behind me.....



              🌲 MAI 🌲

I opened my eyes slowly to see myself in a strange environment, I sat up from the bed I was lying on and rubbed my eyes clearly to get where I am


      I turned my head around the new room... A very beautiful verse room that I don't think I will dream of having in my entire life,

    "Where is this place? "I soliloquized still wowing at the beautiful colorful paintings adorning the pink walls


    Seems this room is specially made for a girl or a woman the way it was decorated in a womanish way, then I saw my portrait hanging at the edge of the bed which made me gasp


    This was the same portrait Bryan made for me to congratulate me on that same day, don't tell me this is Bryan's house? Cuz I won't believe it is???


     Bryan really meant this? O sweet Jesus!!

   I exclaimed burying my head into my palms and just then the door opened and that same a$$hole guy came with a cheerful smile on his face holding onto his robe with one hand and a pair of wovy flip flops on his leg


   He looks girly in his outfit tho

     He sat his a$$ down heavily on the bed staring at me lustfully

     "Mai, finally you're mine don't you think"he touched my hair and removed his hand immediately he saw my expression


     "Must you do this Bryan!"

   "Do what exactly Mai.... You know you commoners like thinking highly of yourselves and that's why you guys will never have or acquire anything in life and then remain poor! "


    What is he saying?

   "Mai... Your dad isn't that way don't you think so, he sold you so cheaply when I just mentioned of how I'm gonna pay 24 thousand US dollars into his account" he gave a small laugh


   24 thousand us dollars? O sweet Mai!

    "And here you're Mai... Can't wait to taste this body of yours in three days time after our wedding" he chuckled staring at me lustfully


      I hate this man! I hate him!! My dad!! And my boss they've ruined me!!! How will I pay for all  that money that he calls cheap?

And my wedding is in three days


Holly molly


      "Bryan don't think you won cuz there's no way you're touching me! "

    "Really? I won't touch you?? "He said and in a swift he pinned me down to the bed holding my two hands against the bed


    Our body was gummed to each other and my heart beat increased

    He brought his face closer to mine to the extent that I could feel his breath on my face


         "I can't still touch you right? "He said that kissing my ear

     I fought hard for that new feeling and sensation building inside me but I couldn't I was getting soft especially when he transferred his kisses to my nape licking it with his tongue


    This feeling is not new to me tho but its different from what I feel when I have s3x with my boyfriend Casmir

      He kissed my lips over and over again until I started returning the kisses he stopped kissing my lips


     "You still think that I can't touch you right? "He slowly started unbuttoning my shirt, I was growing nervous and I couldn't fight back for him to leave me alone cuz my hands were pinned down by his left hand


     "Leave me alone Bryan! You will never have me!! "I shouted with all my voice since I was already loosing my normal voice to moans

    "Hmm! "He threw the shirt down amd started gazing at my full voluptuous bøøbs which was inside my bræ


      He rubbed the upper part which was visible making me loose my mind the way he rubbed it

     I see why he's an asshole and fúçks many girl's too


    He knows how to get at girls

     I gritted my teeth struggling to get my hands out of his but it was all feeble and abortive when he pressed my left bóøb from inside making me gasp


     "You still don't want me to touch you right? Say something "he whispered softly into my ears

    Everything he does now is a turn on to me even his whispers, his words and I hate it so much that I am getting horny cuz of him


     "Leave me alone Bryan"I mumbled weakly

    He smirked making me turn on the more, Casmir isn't as good in this


    He pressed his body against mine that I could feel his hardened covk from inside his robe against my body

     "Bryan, you musn't do this cuz I hate you!! "I said almost in a wh

       "Mai... I can't still touch you and you have grown so soft at my touch, bet if your squeaky boyfriend can touch you the way I do"he said with a smile tugging at the corner of his lips

  "Atleast he's not an

a$$hole like you are!! "


    "A$$hole!! That's what you're "

He scoffed lowered his face to my V area and I felt a sweet sensation showering all over my body as he rubbed my honey pot sensually


    I screamed in pleasure no matter how hard I tried not to scream

      "Still an a$$hole? Mai?? "

   I moaned pressing my right bœøb and biting my lower lips


     He stopped rubbing for a second cuz I couldn't feel that dirty feeling again and then I felt his hand surging into my pussy forcing me to scream the more


       "Aaargggh! You're really an a$$hole!!








(Amidst his sexy wives, he's a sex maniac)







Episode 4


             🍹 CASMIR🍹

I smiled for the umpteenth time packing my briefcase to leave my office. I can't just wait for the dinner I'm  gonna have with my sweet Mai this evening, I felt my pant pocket all over again  to feel if the engagement ring I bought is still there and it was!


Everytime I feel it and its there I can't help but smile. There's no woman I love and care about like Mai, she's the perfect woman for me, a woman I would love to be the mother of my kids tho I'm not all that rich but rich tho I would be enough for her since we love each other


I hopped into my red Mercedez Benz latest probably a car I tried hard to buy for her, how happy she would be when she sees this car... That thought alone nearly wet my pants. I won't even stop imagining on how I will give the ring to her.... How happy she would be with tears streaming down her face


I pressed the ignition and the car started, I hooted the car horn many times before pressing the brake putting the car in motion and not less than two seconds I was now on the highway


I stopped over at her workplace to go pick her up and I walked in only to meet Joanna, Marriane and Rose wrapping up a cake with big momma as their commander


Her eyes fell on me and she hissed, no doubt at first she never liked me around Mai and I never let that bother me since she loves me anyways, I stepped closer to her and...

     "Hi good day Momma"I greeted trying to be polite


     "Hey! Casmir again right?"

     She never remembers my name, not even for a single time

      "Yeah, where's Mai and Alicia? "

        "Mai? Still talking of Mai who's so unfit for you?" She spat out carrying her cake with both hands from the girls


She hissed at me leaving with the cake. Immediately she left, I turned to the girls as they beamed seeing me 

      "Looking for Mai? "Rose asked and the other girls eyed her to shut up


Something wrong? What is wrong with them? Why are they not gonna say anything about their whereabouts? I thought to myself as Joanna barely waved at me and left and same thing goes to Marriane as she dragged Rose with her  holding her mouth not to talk


      What is wrong? Where is Mai and even Alicia her closest friend who can tell me her whereabouts too? Did something strange happen.


I brought out my phone from my pant pocket, unlocked it, went to my contacts, searched for her name and there it was displayed on the screen



I clicked on it dialing her number on the process, I brought the phone closer to my ear listening to the beeping sound coming out from it....


             🌵 BRYAN 🌵

I felt her cum coming again for the third time on my finger as I fingered her and licked it all up still surpressing the urge not to feel her pu$$y with my hard covk


She breathed hard glaring at me and I smiled at her getting down on top of her

She still don't know whom I am...And that's why she thinks I can't touch her anywhere anyhow in anyplace and that's why she calls me an a$$hole too


    "You're an a$$hole and I hate you for that! You kidnap me not enough for you... You take advantage of me like that! "

I stopped abruptly in my tracks when I heard that and turned walking back to her


    "Advantage? Did I hear you say advantage? You said if I could touch you and that's what I did... Besides that you're mine! My would-be-third wife if you don't know! "


Sparkles of lust were still in her eyes when I stared at them and I could tell that she's wet down there for me and she still wants to act up, such a bītch!


      She never started with me and she's hating me already. Tears streamed down her face

     "I hate you Bryan and I don't care if you're an eight billionaire or not"she yelled sniffing badly


A smile tugged at the corner of my lips as I stared at her pinkish lips which I kissed almost two hours ago. She's so sweet and easily turned on and I love that


      Never seen a girl like her who gets wet by just a touch, can't wait to feel her with my big covk. My gaze drifted to her bøøbs inside her undies, soft and smooth, really wanna suck on that but I've to wait till she's finally mine


       "Listen up Mai, my family will be here tomorrow so you better behave, dress nicely, there are many rich dresses at the closet you can put on and not this you're wearing okay? And...  You seem hungry"


I snapped my fingers and two maids came in with trolleys filled with assorted rich foods, I smiled at them peering at the dress they are wearing


       "This is food Mai and not... "

        "Enough! "She cut me up covering her body with her palms as the maids kept staring non stop at her


     "You can go now my sweet maids "they bowed and cat walked to the door maybe to show their bütts but I don't fück maids no matter how bad and revealing they dress to seduce me


         I turned to Mai "Eat up okay?... O sweet Mai you've got to eat cuz we have a family dinner tonight and I have to introduce you to the family"I said blowing kisses at her as I left


            🍹 CASMIR 🍹

After trying her line for five consecutive times without her picking up, I gave up and left the premises

    Getting home, I came out of the car sluggishly so tired and weak of thinking about Mai's whereabout


I can't figure out where she is or where she went to maybe she's with her friend Alicia tho... I waved the thought of Mai away for a moment assuming that she's okay wherever she is and started typing the passcode of the door of my glass house which I bought two months ago, part of my preparation of settling down with Mai


            INCORRECT! It displayed at the small rectangular screen

      Hunh! this is the passcode to my house

I pushed the door slightly and it went ajar


   Who's in my house? Can't be Mai or is she? I walked in and found no one in my living room so I strolled up to my stairs and stood as it led me upstairs at just the press of a button


       I breathed hard with the thoughts that she's in my room here waiting for me to come in. I gulped hard as I opened the door

     I brought my gaze to the figure on the bed wearing a see-through negligee, brãless with her pointy nïpplés visible and sitting down on my bed


My eyes popped out realizing whom it was

     "Alicia! "

She smiled bringing her hands to her bøøbs and squeezing them hard making my eyes widen the more


       "Hey Casmir"she replied biting her lower lips seductively at me

    "How did you get in here and what are you doing there on my bed? "


    She started laughing making me confused

     "Casmir come on over here, lemme teach you what Mai can't "




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