His Idea

Apr 01, 2022


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My husband started me on the road to ruin. The problem was I liked it.


Hi, I am Louise. I am 29+1, I think attractive, tall, shapely and married to Martin. We have been married for 5 years, happily married. The best part of being married is slowly you get past the “normal” sex-ually relationship and move to be more adventurous.

We had reached that point after maybe 2 years. At first it was simple things, like me dressing sexy for him and exciting him by dressing slut-tish when we went out for dinner. He loved showing me off to the guys who would peeve at me when we went to a restaurant or pub. The wild se-x we had when we got home was amazing.


Sometimes we didn’t even have to go out. Braless and knickerless I would flash for him and he would ravage me. We both loved it.


As time went by we introduced se-xy lingerie into our games. His favorite was a crotchless body suit which allowed him to f**k me unimpeded. My favorite was a latex cat suit. It had a zipper in the crotch which I would keep my legs tight together making it harder for him to get to my pus-sy. By the time he had me unzipped he was like a wild animal. I loved it.. One night I promised to blow him if he put on the crotchless outfit. It didn’t fit so we ordered a larger size. I was amazed at easy it was to get him to dress in lingerie but of course he would do anything to get me to su-ck him off.


The dress up nights got serious when he said it really turned him on, even before I suc-ked him. We chatted about it and I wondered how far he would go. It turned out, all the way. Going online we ordered a wig, stockings and high heels for him. I told him if he wanted to be a real woman he should have se-x like a woman. He laughed and said how would that happen? I got onto another site and ordered a strap-on dildo. I told him I had ordered it. I didn’t tell him how big it was. As luck would have it the women’s gear and my dildo turned up on consecutive days. We made a plan to play it out on the next Saturday night.


Saturday afternoon I got Martin to use the Nair I bought to remove all his body hair. He even shaved his balls. Then I had him use the douche, which I sometimes used, to flush his anus. We had dinner and then he had a shower and I did his makeup. Not much, just around his eyes and some lipstick.

Then I sent him into the bedroom for dress up for me. When he came out I was so excited. The only parts visible were his nip-ples and his co-ck. It was rock hard. I told him to sit down while I got changed. Very soon after I came out naked except for the 10” strap-on dildo I was wearing. Martin’s eyes also popped out of his head.





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“I can’t take that” he moaned. I scowled at him “I am going to peg your sissy arse with this but first suck my cock bitch”. His cock was twitching as this part we hadn’t talked about. “My God, you sound so sexy” he said. I did too. My pussy was already soaked. He got down on his knees and sucked the dildo. I looked down at him and I felt powerful. I guessed that is how he felt when I was on MY knees sucking HIS cock. After several minutes I said “what do you want bitch”. Without a second’s hesitation he said “I want you to fck me”. I didn’t say anything. “Oh please f*k your sissy bitch please” he begged. What could I do but comply. He knelt down doggy style and I smeared KY on my “cock” and gave him want he begged for.


Again that feeling of power swept over me and reduced him to a moaning, squealing wreck. I then made him jerk off while I watched and then he licked me to two earth shattering orgasms. We continue to have these dress up nights. We both love it.


Not long after hubby told me that seeing he had dressed up for me I had to dress down for him. I had no idea what he was talking about.


He took me shopping and he pointed out what they call a microkini. Basically it is three small triangles of material held together with bits of string. He urged me to try one on. It barely covered my most private parts. Thank goodness I wax. He was very excited so I said ok and he bought it. The next Sunday we went for a drive to the beach. Me in my microkini and a smock.


Going past our normal beach we went to the next one which was a clothing optional beach. I guess I knew what would happen. We walked down to the sand and laid down our towel. After about 10 minutes he had me take off my smock. I stood up and peeled it off. He smiled, I blushed and quickly sat down. “God you look so sexy baby” he said, with lust in his eyes “why don’t you take off your top?” I said no but he kept pushing me. Finally I said “OK, you want me to show off” and I took off not only the top but the bottom too and then walked down to the water’s edge and walked up and down the small beach.  .There were maybe four or five couples there and having them stare at me was such a turn on. I laid down and hubby whispered “that was unbelievable darling”. I put on my smock and on the way home he drove and I masturbated. We got home and didn’t even make it to the lounge. We had sex on the hallway floor. That microkini got quite a workout that summer.


He admitted that seeing me being lusted after by guys on the beach had him want me even more. I don’t know if they were lusting after me but he did so I went along with it. He wanted to watch me in other places. I told him being naked elsewhere would get me arrested. He laughed. Not naked just “fetching”. I did admit that being naked on the beach had made me super horny. We talked about it and he suggested going to the shopping center. He would sit in the food section and I would dress as sexy as was legal and just hover and we would see what happened. I was still unsure but promised to indulge him. We went through my clothes. He picked out a low cut top, short shirt, high heels and no underwear. I have to admit just thinking about it got me hot.


I did my makeup and looked at the full length mirror in the hallway. I looked like a prostitute getting ready for a street corner. Hubby grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. He was rock hard. We drove to the shopping center. He went in first to find a vantage point and then I went in maybe 10 minutes later. I walked to the area near where he was sitting and just stood there pretending to look in shop windows. Hubby told me later that guys were bumping into each other peeving at me. Then one guy came up close to me “How much?” he asked. I smiled and said I was already booked but maybe we could meet later. I guess that was evil as I won’t be there later.


After about 30 minutes hubby came up and loudly, so he could be heard, asked “how much?” I replied, equally as loudly “For you honey it is $100 for full sex”. He said “ok, let’s go” and we walked out arm in arm. We were parked in an underground carpark and we had sex in the car. We were both wired. It had been so hot. Hubby admitted that he was turned on by the looks I was getting and particularly the guy who thought I was a whore and tried to pick me up. I laughed and asked him “what would have happened if I said yes to that guy”.


Hubby shocked the hell out of me and said “as long as I could watch”. Back home we had a more comfortable place to have sex – our bed. I admit I did wonder if he really meant he would like to watch me with someone else..




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My husband wanted me to push the boundaries. It turned out I loved it.



After the experience in the shopping center Martin seemed eager to try it again. I was less enthusiastic, particularly as he seemed excited about the possibility of watching me get picked up by someone and having se-x with them while he watched.

It sounded kind of freaky to me. As I soon learned, he wouldn’t drop the idea. It was the same with me in lingerie or naked on the beach. I always seemed to give in to him. Of course the resultant se-x was fantastic but this time he was talking about having se-x with someone else and I wasn’t happy about it.


He seemed to drop the subject and I was relieved that he had gone cold on the idea. He did continue to ask me to dress up for him and we would go to a restaurant for dinner. He loved watch the waiters trying to take our order while looking down my top. On one accession even a waitress was giving me the once over. That really got him ho-rny. I admit I was intrigued as well. I wasn’t into women but having one checking me out was an interesting experience and got hubby going.


Of course all this must have reignited his interest in the shopping center escapade. He mentioned it one Friday night after a rather intense session first on the couch, then in the shower and finally on the bed. I realised that he wasn’t going to let it go. I gave up arguing and thought the best course of action was to agree to display myself for his se-xual gratification but with no intention to go any further than that. I didn’t mention that last part as I thought I could control that without him knowing what I was thinking.


Saturday we had breakfast and he disappeared into the bedroom. I suspected what he was doing and I was right. He had pulled out my who-re outfit, as he called it. I put it on, sans underwear, and did my makeup.. He didn’t need to show me he was erect as I could see the bulge in his jeans. He said we would do the same as last time. His positioned so he could see me and me parading up and down pretending to window shop. I did my best to make him think I was as excited as him. I even pinched my nipples to get them erect to show him.


We drove to the shopping centre and he went in first and sat down again in the food court. I took a deep breath and followed about 10 minutes later. After what he told me last time I took notice of people walking past me. He was right, guys were giving me the once over. I had to smile when I noticed one woman punch her partner who almost walked into a wall while eyeing me off. My husband had said we would be there for about half an hour so as the clock clicked down I began to think about how he would be when we got home. I was starting to feel excited by that.


It had been over 30 minutes and I looked across and nodded to say “let’s go home” when this guy sidled up to me. “Hi there, are you available?” I suppose, with my boobs half exposed and a skirt barely covering my arse, I did look like a hooker. “Sure honey” I said “$100 for you”. Now that was supposed to frighten him off but he replied “how much for a hand job”. I was a bit blindsided but I kept up the pretense. “I tell you what, I can do that for $50”. “OK” he said and handed me a folded up $50 note. “You name the place” he added.


I was stuck. I could very well tell him I was only putting on a show for my husband. Then I got angry that Martin had put me in this position. I decided to take the $50, jerk this guy off and teach my husband a lesson. Of course he could see what was going on. I told the guy we could go to the undercover carpark and find a quiet spot. He agreed and we headed off. I glanced back and Martin was following us. At least he would get his wish to watch me.


We walked down the stairs and went to a corner right at the back. Again I glanced over and saw hubby lurking within sight of me and my “customer”. He unzipped his pants and exposed his cock.


To be continued.


                   🔞 Rated 18+🔞


CHAPTER 4 (Final)


I looked down and was not actually shocked but certainly surprised. He was already hard. Now Martin had a very acceptable 7” weapon but this guy was both longer and thicker. I reached out and began to stroke it. The guy gave a moan and then began to fondle my bre-asts. “Oh that is nice” he said “and so are your tits”. He pushed up my top to expose them. “Yes very nice tits” he said and squeezed my nip-ples. At this point I was feeling my pus-sy twitching.

Suddenly my “customer” said “I will give you the extra $50”. I realised he was upping the ante. I also realised I was getting turned on by his big co-ck. He fumbled around and handed me the extra $50. “Here woman, take the $50 and get down and suck my co-ck”. I squatted down and began to lick and su-ck him. He grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. I was gagging and sputtering and he was groaning. “That’s the way bit-ch. Suck like you mean it”. I had to admit that his language and his forcefulness was making me mean it.


As suddenly as he started he stopped. Pulling up again he slipped his hand under my skirt. Find no knickers He slipped two fingers into my pus-sy. “Oh yes you are ready. Turn around and lean over that car bonnet”. I didn’t so much lean as I was pushed face down. Seconds later he was thrusting his co-ck into my already soaked pussy. He began to pound me. “Yes bit-ch this is where I get my $100 worth”. I moaned and said “me too honey. Do your worst”. He was a man of experience and moved hard and fast, eased off and then hard and fast again. He was going to make it last, I could tell.


He was grunting and groaning and I was moaning. “Oh yes” he said “moan for me. I enjoy a whore who loves her work”. I responded “and I love a man who knows how to fu-ck”. I am not sure how long he took and I didn’t really care as I was enjoying it. Finally he gave a deep groan, pushed his co-ck all the way into me and unloaded. I gave a moan of satisfaction as he pulled out. “That was so good honey” he said “I would love to fu-ck that juicy cu-nt of yours again next time”. I stood up, my pus-sy oozing cum “sure” I said “any time big boy”. He laughed, pulled up his pants, tucked in his now limp co-ck and walked off to find his car.


Martin waited until he was out of sight before appearing. He was silent and just grabbed my arm and we headed for our car. He stayed silent all the way home and I started to get concerned. Did he realise I enjoyed it and was he annoyed? We got home and he still hadn’t said anything. I went and had a shower and then put my wh-ore clothes back on. Hubby was sitting in the lounge on the couch when I walked in and sat opposite him. “Are you ok darling” I asked. He looked up and scowled “You enjoyed fu-cking that guy didn’t you” he thundered.


“Yes I did” I replied “I enjoyed it because I knew you were watching me. I enjoyed it because I knew I was doing what you wanted”. I then spread my legs and began rubbing my cl-it. “I didn’t cum for him but I will cum for you my darling” and minutes later I moaned as I did indeed cum. Then I smiled and said “I did what you wanted now come and apologise to my pus-sy”.


He just smiled “I love you baby” and he first licked me to another org-asm and then dragged me on to the floor and had his way with me. He never suggested we do the shopping center thing again and I never mentioned how much I enjoyed being fu-cked like a whore. The secret to a happy marriage? Not always saying things that don’t really need to be said.


The end

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