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Apr 10, 2023


So, I usually type out and edit all of my bmac, patreon, and blog posts and agonize over them before posting, but today, i've decided to just to throw it all out there!

First of all, I cannot believe the evolution of this project and fictional world. It is nothing like I expected it to be, but so much fun trying new possibilities, projects, and storybuilding. All possible because of you! Yes you!

Big updates:


The skellybots project is not dead, just in hibernation! We've been investing more time into the Blocky Beez lately, but the Skellybots are still hanging around, Ask an Eggbid, Skellybots illustrations, and the Origins Comic are all still a go, but since we aren't millionaires yet, that regular 9-5 does take up alot of time!

BEEZ team:

We've expanded the beez team! All of Magmo's fam is involved, and now we have folks handling the BEEZNESS, so we can handle the creativity and go back to making fun drawings and not worry about the mathing so much. The Blocky Beez are growing into a fully fledged BEEZNESS!

Beez origin comic -

The blocky beez origins comic is turning out to be a huge, but fun endeavor. See a preview here!

The Beez Merch Shop-

We have reformatted the merch shop by bundling the beez into packs! Beecome a collector today!
We are slowly adding items including shirts, buttons, and more. Growth! YAY!


Bmac and Patreon memberships are going to get tweaked just a bit. As much as I would love to be able to put out mail and newsletters once a month, It's getting hard to find the time to dedicate to creating the perfect merch packages with that frequency (Indecisive perfectionist here...) You will still get all sorts of epic freebeez, just bigger packages with less frequency!

As a thank you for joining us on this journey of much trial and error and project evolution, expect a special Beez Preview package in early May!

This will include some brand new merch, and other fun BEEZ and BOTS goodies. Thank you for your support, it means the world to the BEEZness team!

Don't forget to Bee Yourself today!

-Ceemo, Magmo, and the BEEZness Team!

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