Stars of the Sea

Stars of the Sea

Dec 27, 2022

The light was fading, the stars brightening, but being on this reef is not peaceful or relaxing, the sea of New Zealand's West Coast is unpredictable and something to pay heed to. I had a job to do, get the shots and get back to shore! It was an anxiety filled evening.

I'm extremely delighted to share this new image, an elusive image I have wanted for years.

To achieve this image the conditions had to be perfect, and my timing precise. Moon phase, star alignment, weather, and tide were some of the factors to consider.

I was worried I overstayed my welcome on the reef; stay too long and you won't find your way back through the labyrinth of natural stepping stones, rock elevated from the sea floor that will quickly become submerged under the incoming tide. One wrong step and I'd lose my camera and equipment and be in deep.

I feel I have obtained the unobtainable by capturing this image, especially with Aurora, not to mention the Zodiacal light under the Milky Way.

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