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Blazor E-Commerce Series Roadmap

Blazor E-Commerce Series Roadmap

Dec 18, 2020

Hey everyone,

Hope you're all doing fine.

I just wanted to give a quick update on what to expect in future videos of the Blazor E-Commerce series on YouTube.

The very next video will be about Entity Framework and SQL Server Express.

With that, we've got the base implementations covered, so we're free for all of your ideas.

Here are some of the possible upcoming features:

  • Offer different types for a product (size, color, etc.)

  • See your current cart and placed orders

  • Counting stock and updating it via web sockets (SignalR)

  • Using local storage and toast notifications

  • Sub categories

  • User registration / Authentication with JSON Web Tokens

  • Admin dashboard to see order statistics

  • Forms with validation to add new products and categories

You see, we've already got a lot.

Anything else? 😊

Feel free to post more ideas in the comments or contact me directly.

Have a great weekend!


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