Why You Need An Uninterrupted Power Supp ...

Why You Need An Uninterrupted Power Supply For Your PC

Sep 04, 2023

If you are using a desktop PC to which power is supplied directly from the mains, you should take measures to ensure that this power supply remains smooth and uninterrupted.

A sudden surge of current could damage your PC and you could even lose your unsaved work. Similarly a sudden power drop or even a power failure of a very short duration could cause your PC to shut off.

While you are at work typing away to your heart's content, if there is a sudden drop or surge in the voltage, what do you think would happen? Well, your PC would either switch itself off or reboot, causing hours of work to go unsaved.

You may have to start all over again! How would you feel at a time like that? Even if this kind of thing does not usually happen in your area, there is no guarantee that it would never happen.

No amount of swearing will bring back your work. Kicking your computer or dashing it on the ground is also not recommended. There's absolutely nothing you can do but start over again.

If you had been doing some graphics like working on a project on Photoshop, Flash, Maya, or for that matter any kind of graphic program, or even typing a report, or writing an essay, the focus you need in order to arrive at the result you have in mind would only be known to you.

A sudden halt to the power supply means your work is gone for good. You do have to start all over again, and you have absolutely no guarantee that you will be able to recreate the product as you had initially planned to.

So the best way of overcoming all these is to take preventive measures. You could prevent all this from happening by using a gadget called an UPS. UPS stands for 'UNINTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY.'

An UPS is a device that is connected directly to the mains. And when your PC and monitor in turn are connected to the UPS, it is the UPS that powers your PC and monitor, and not the mains.

The mains power supply charges a battery contained within the UPS, and it is this battery that supplies the power to your electronic gadgets.

Power fluctuations are indeed bad for all electronic equipment. Installing an UPS will also ensure that your electronic gadgets will not be damaged when a power failure or fluctuations occur.

While you are working on your PC having installed an UPS if the power goes off, the power supply to your PC will not be interrupted at all. The charged battery on the UPS will continue to feed your PC with the right voltage and your PC will continue to function as if nothing had happened.

However the UPS will give you a warning signal in the form of a continuous set of beeps indicating to you that the mains power supply has been cut off. This will give you sufficient time to save all your work and switch off your PC.

That way your PC and the monitor will also remain protected from irreparable damage. On an average, UPS gadgets can hold on up to eight minutes after the power from the mains has failed.

However it is advisable not to hold on until the charge on the UPS gets completely exhausted.

Before installing your UPS for the very first time, you will need to charge it direct from the mains for a specific period of time. The vendor will fill you in on this info. Otherwise you will find all the details on how to use the gadget properly in the instructions leaflet that comes along with the gadget.

In most instances the manufacturer will have a website, the address of which will be available on the instruction leaflet and you will be able to, via this website establish communication with the manufacturer for the purpose of getting help online if and when needed.

A very basic UPS machine will have two outlets into which you could plug in your PC and the monitor. There are machines that even have more outlets and if you get one such UPS you could power your router as well with it.

You also need to be aware that the manufacturers of some electronic equipment do not recommend that their products be powered via UPS systems. You need to check this out via the instructions leaflet of the product or by visiting the website of the product concerned before connecting it to an UPS.

So, here is the opportunity for you to have uninterrupted power supplied for the proper functioning of your computer, router, monitor and most of other your electronic gadgets.

Proper protection from voltage fluctuations and interruptions ensures an enhanced lifespan for all electronic equipment and an interruption free work environment for you as well.

So why wait? Protect all your electronic equipment and enhance their life span as well, by using an UPS.

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