Throne and Liberty | Jan 2023 Update on ...

Throne and Liberty | Jan 2023 Update on P2W

Jan 18, 2023

There was a news article released on Throne and Liberty, which painted an interesting picture about the future of NCSoft’s MMORPG that was in development for over a decade. I’m going to include a link to the entire article, but a few things that were insightful was NCSoft’s apparent attention towards P2W. It seems as though they understand RNG mechanics are not desirable, but they may not understand straight P2W isn’t something the Western Audience wants either. Also, and I’m hoping its author’s viewpoint not some deeper insight, but hopefully NCSoft realizes the Western World is looking for more information along the lines of what combat style exactly is the game going to be, what are the sizes of the large scale fights, and really can you narrow down the launch date a little more than sometime in a now 5.5 month window.

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