Mage Showcase | Ashes of Creation - Apri ...

Mage Showcase | Ashes of Creation - April 2023

Apr 30, 2023

So I have to admit, I am a little more optimistic about Ashes of Creation’s development after this month’s official livestream. This month they made a ton of little changes that made the livestream just a little bit more reassuring, which is good because listening to the community feedback about the livestreams is a great way to regain some of that lost trust. The biggest one was that Steven did the basic showcase of the abilities with all the cooldowns turn to 0 for a better show and tell, but then he turned it over to one of his developers with the cooldowns set to normal, to show the more complex combos of the mage abilities in a how you expect it to play in Alpha 2 sort of presentation.

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