Can Fractured Be Resurrected?

Can Fractured Be Resurrected?

May 01, 2023

I wanted to take a minute to update my community on Fractured Online, the MMO in development by Dynamight Studios. I have been following Fractured since they did their Kickstarter back in 2018. I think several of the things Fractured is trying to do are amazing. More of a social sandbox MMO rather than a traditional RPG, Fractured Online gives a lot of control to the players. The skill progression system is amazing, and the knowledge point system requires players to make meaningful choices about their characters.

Dynamight plans on having a short stress test, and then there won’t be any more wipes. Does this mean there is a future for Fractured Online? I certainly hope so. I am a little worried they are pushing to an early access with no wipe too soon. We haven’t seen a lot of the content in testing yet, including the demon races, but if Dynamight thinks they are ready to go, maybe they are ready to go. They have said they have changed half the game; they have a new questing system called the Journey system, tons of new Points of Interests and Monsters, and many changes to the crafting system. Plus, they have a new backend and new servers, plus hundreds of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

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