Ashes of Creation 2022 Year in Review

Ashes of Creation 2022 Year in Review

Dec 25, 2022

I cannot believe the year 2022 is almost behind us. Where did this year go? It really doesn’t matter, but what is really impressive for the year 2022 is how much development Ashes of Creation has finished. Between Dec 2021 and Dec 2022 Intrepid has migrated from UE4 to UE5 and then 5.1. They’ve grown their staff size from around 120 to north of 165. They’ve shown off quite a lot of new things like Biomes, Seasons, Weather, the melee and ranged kits, and group play with the Cleric. Intrepid is clearly taking the time to build not only an amazing game but an amazing team. That was evident in their recent livestream where a total of 15 different staff members from Intrepid were on camera talking about everything from Engineering, the Environment and Sound, to Combat, to gathering.

That’s not to say everything this year has been sunshine and rainbows. There are still a few millstones that Intrepid has hanging on their necks that they should make a priority to answering in Jan of 2023 just to clear the slate, zero the game, and then move forward.

What was your favorite thing about Ashes of Creation development in 2022? What really wow’d you?

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