Archeage 2 - Open World Action Combat MM ...

Archeage 2 - Open World Action Combat MMORPG in Unreal Engine 5

Nov 18, 2022

A couple of years ago Archeage II was announced. At the time I was really excited, but then the issues with Gamigo and then later Kakao just totally destroying the IP and stealing the magic behind Archeage was enough to make me forget about the project for a while. A few days ago, however, they released a new trailer and the game is starting to shape up. Archeage II is slated to be an open world, action combat, MMORPG with cross platform support, so people can play on console or on PC. They are developing the game in Unreal Engine 5, so the graphics we see here in the trailer aren’t some fancy representation that won’t be reflective of in-game graphics.

Jake Song, the Executive Producer of Archeage and Archeage II said in an interview that they want to take the best parts of Archeage, things like Housing and Trade runs, fix the flaws and build upon them. If they can manage to do that, then I think Archeage II has a real shot at being a market changer, assuming that Kakao games can get their act together, not turn AAII into a clown fiesta filled with P2W or NFTs, and that they can actually manage the servers and not fumble and bumble them into oblivion.

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