31 March Ashes of Creation Livestream Re ...

31 March Ashes of Creation Livestream Recap

Apr 02, 2023

So I debated if I was even going to make a livestream reaction/recap video this month. Not because the livestream wasn't good, I mean it was decent, definitely a strong B. The problem is it was a strong B and it was mostly more of the same. Nothing really concrete, Intrepid not addressing the long running cosmetic question which has now been avoided for 26 months, and really didn't give the audience a strong sense of confidence. That's why a B is probably fair to rate this livestream and each month they continue to duck and dodge the cosmetic question I'll just keep asking: How can you continue to sell cosmetic skins in your cash shop, that you are either unwilling or unable to answer how they are used? This will continue to affect the grade of the livestream, until eventually every livestream is a bad one until we get that one answer.


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