Blue Kingship and Yellow Submarine join ...

Blue Kingship and Yellow Submarine join Red Carr

Feb 21, 2023

Projects Blue Kingship and Yellow Submarine took a small detour through 2022 into 2023.

As the real estate bubble was starting to contract, John and Wendy took advantage of the sellers market to sell their property in the city ahead of schedule, and move to a property in May 2022 that is close to our build site.

This has opened up many more opportunities, one of them is for Emily and Kevin to also move up ahead of schedule! With the gap closed between the Papineau Homes projects and the Toronto, it will be easier to make time to build, and be together.

The move for Kevin and Emily to join John and Wendy took months to plan. But of course, the weather didn't care. On the evening Kevin moved north, a snow squall and cold temperature warning had been issued. On the day Kevin arrived with the truck, it was a crisp -28 C outside, without the windchill! By the next day, the cold had taken its toll on the truck battery, and it would no longer start until later receiving a boost. The truck did have some cool dinosaur info though that I think Toby would have liked, and that was an appreciated synchronicity.

Now that we're all near the property we're building on, we're hopeful that it will be easier to create content for you, including live-streams!

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