I am Shei

Feb 19, 2021

My name is...well it's pretty obvious from the title, right?
What a start?
Anyway, my mother told me when I was a little girl (haha, it's from a rap) that I was named after a Saudi Arabian princess. Then I asked her, 'So does that make me a princess too?' and she answered me with a plain 'No.'
Honesty is the best policy, this is the moral lesson of the story.
Ha! Way to go, Mom!
Moving on, I'm a female Filipino, and therefore come along with a bunch of lovely Filipino traits. We DO stand out. Kinda like a sore thumb. A VERY sore thumb. Anyway.
I'm born on the 15th of November 1987, which makes me a Scorpio. And what a lovely day that was. I'm pretty sure it was a perfectly fine day. Semi cold yet hot weather that can melt anyone crazy or desperate enough to stand in the sun for hours, into a fine puddle of goo. Just another typical day. Hooray for me!
I like to do many things.
Daydreaming, singing, doodling, reading and writing stories, annoying people by being particularly chirpy on certain days and being really emo-ish the next, and many more. However, I also DO NOT like drawing attention to myself. I am annoyingly loud and noisy one time then confusingly quiet the next. People sometimes think of me as a silent type but nah-ah I'm not... It's just that either I don't have anything to say at all or I just practice my right to remain silent. In other words, I'm under the influence of an Anti-Democracy spell...or something like that.
Oh, and before I forget, I would like to state that when I close my eyes for long periods of time, it does not mean that I'm sleeping. I'm just gathering my thoughts while preparing for whatever comes lumbering along next. And this fact is completely random and irrelevant. Sorry, I'm not in the right state of mind now. I'm not in my left state of mind either, so don't bother looking.
I think I'm in love with myself.
It's safer this way. Why? Well, I can't break my own heart, can I?
I also think that I have a sucky personality. Sometimes I think I have a split personality, so that makes me pretty unique...just like everyone else.
I have a short term memory, so sometimes when I try really hard to remember something, I just draw a blank. How do you draw a blank anyway? It's...well, a blank. Which equals to nothing. Nah-ah. Absolutely not there at all.
And not only that...
I also have a very poor eyesight. Whenever familiar people (that is friends, relatives, classmates, officemates, fans oh! cancel that one, or a certain town people is this the right english term for kabarangay? ~.^) Anyways, whenever someone comes my way they go like 'Oh hey! How are you...(raises eyebrow as I walk passed them)...doin?'
That pretty much happens when I'm not wearing glasses, which is MOST of the time. Why? Coz I'm NOT comfortable wearing one and someone TOLD ME that I looked like a strict, old-fashioned, school principal, which degraded my HARD EARNED self-esteem...thank you very much.
I hate cockroaches and any other creepy, dirty, gross, flying or crawling MOTHER FU@#^$r! (insert all kinds of swearing and foul languages here) insect.
Okay, breathe in...breathe out. Change topic!
I also have lousy time management. I am annoyingly shy at times. That ticks me off.
A lot.
I ate slow...and I don't know why. Well, come to think of it, maybe I'm not slow, they're just FAST. Hmm... (scratches chin, thinking.)
I like work. It fascinates me! I can SIT and look at it for hours....and do nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.
Isn't that lovely?
But seriously, am I making any sense here?
What I really want to say is...the things I wrote here may or may not be the whole ME, but one thing's for sure...
However weird, sappy, boring, cheerful, imperfect, bitchy, friendly, stupid, shy, playful, childish, clumsy, violent, noisy, mature, immature, happy (or annoyingly happy) I AM...
Cause if I don't, then who would?
(Insert a HUGE smiley here)
Thank you for reading this totally random and irrelevant rant about MYSELF!

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