You want to take a featureless picture? ...

You want to take a featureless picture? It doesn't always work. In fact, more often not.

Jun 09, 2021

Honestly, when you take a photo, you're just guessing that it will turn out the way you think it should. In the visual chaos, you see the motif that stopped you in your tracks. You just have to unfold it from the environment.
You have to remove all the unnecessary stuff, leave out anything that doesn't support your main message. Because you need the message. It's not enough that you like the way it looks...
You can see a million of those images.
I bet that when you look at many of the popular spectacular photos, you can feel the photographer's persona. It becomes as a compositional element.

So reduce, reduce everything!
Simple, primary images require a lot of post-processing.

I'll show you a picture. A street.

This street was built this way in 1880. Immediately before that there was a huge flood that washed everything away.

Now, I think this part of the street is most expressive, most powerful, if you believe that a year ago people were still using boats to get around, and not for fun.

I've left out everything that's modern. There are no power lines. No car traffic. No tourists and no trams. I call such simple contexts, content and "Consciously no photographs."

I will write a post about this reduction thing soon.

One more thing:

I started this site to find people who like this kind of thing and would be willing to support it.

On the other hand, it was a way to get myself to finally practice English regularly.

Tadaam! I count on you for two things: reward my work as a photographer and encourage my English learning

Although it may be a lot to take in

Anyway, here's a coffee below, and I like coffee...

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