What makes Life worth living?

What makes Life worth living?

Nov 09, 2020

The unconditional love of a parent

The unlimited support of a partner

The unbridled laughter of a child

The unstoppable pull of a passion

A,B,C,D or all the above

Said people who always

Never gave their health a glance sideways

Ask us those who live with pain

Visible, Invisible, let me explain

Sometimes this and sometimes that

But it always be the last

What comes first, I hear you ask

Good health, my friend, cannot comprehend?

What do we want, let me unmask.

Waking up fully refreshed

Without wondering if we actually slept

Walking for miles uninterrupted

Without our bodies begging to be killed

Hugging our beloved

Dancing in the rain

Without worrying about pain

Working for a decent living

Without worrying about quitting

Watching our dreams come true

Without our pain making them crash through

If good health is not to be

And we cannot live life free

What are we doing at this party?

Pain, anxiety, they keep coming

No meaning in anything and everything

So what makes our life worth living

Is a search that we keep enduring

For a cause

For a purpose

Before the soul leaves this corpus.

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