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DAAB - Basic Double Thai Sword Free Flow | Weapon Handling | Daab Song Mue

May 15, 2022

DAAB (sword) is traditional armed combat with arm-length objects as improvised weapons and Thai swords, which can be used as single or double swords. Beginners start out with only one sword, then switch to double swords for training purposes and then return to only one sword, which is considered as the highest form of sword fighting.


About Daab Song Mue:

Authentic Thai sword fighting (DAAB) uses only one sword. The idea of fighting with double Thai swords came into being due to the story of Phraya Phichai Dap Hak (th: พระยาพิชัยดาบหัก; lit: Phraya Phichai of the broken sword), who lived during the Thonburi period.

Phraya Phichai was a historic Mon hero who is said to have fought with a sword (Daab Khu) in each hand until one was broken. However there is no evidence, that Phraya Phichai has ever actually fought with two swords. Instead, when the Burmese attacked in 1772 AD, he came up with the idea to attach two swords to his wrists in order to prevent them from falling down. Then, while climbing a slope he stumbled and propped his sword on the uneven ground (a puddle). Due to his weight one sword broke and the event gained him his name "Phraya Phichai of the broken sword".

The method of attaching a sword to the hand was later copied occasionally, but it was hardly ever used in practice, so that people quickly reverted to conventional single sword handling. Nowadays Daab Song Mue is mainly used for practice reasons as shown in the video above.

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