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Universal Declaration of Personal Space - (A Concept Draft)

Dec 04, 2022

Universal Declaration of Personal Space - (A Concept Draft)


     How different the world would be if a UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of PERSONAL SPACE existed.
I would like to submit the fact that if the golden rule was self-instilled, observed and applied then personal space in reality would be a non-issue. The golden rule I refer to is “love thy neighbor” where the neighbor is anyone in need, like Christ Jesus instructs. Do unto others, what you would have done onto you … is another way of stating it; however, I also know a person who defines the golden rule as “, do unto others before they do unto you.”  Sometimes, the uncommon sense of commonsense overwhelms me and leaves me in a numb state.
     I persuade you to mind the golden rule when approaching and/or interacting with any and all.  
It may sound funny, but I believe in something I call “Spiritual Currency”. Allow me to explain … the matter you pay attention to, uses cycles of time and consciousness.  I know, it’s my choice to pay attention to any matter or not and I also know that to plan objectives and invest on subjects that matter is very wise. There’s a spiritual matter in Personal Space that demands respect for the body, mind, spirit and soul to be left alone upon and on request … know means no! For a while now, I’ve noticed certain habits and patterns in my way of being and I tend to prefer brevity in communication and dialogue. I love to keep it simple, short and sweet but many people have a tendency of embellishing their point, not to mention going off on a tangent.  I am aware that the act of paying attention can trigger my mood swings. This trigger depends on my level of tolerance to the person and his/her story. I like using the (T.opic  - A.pproach - O.bjective) formula to dialogue, communicate and write.
     Everyone has the power to affect change in his/her self and environment. The truth teaches a painful lesson about change and how constant and unfailing it is.  Eventually, we all learn to accept and embrace change, since it can’t be avoided in life.  You cannot step into the same river twice … the water flow you stepped into, went with the current that ran to the sea. Change is like silence, as soon as you voice what it is, it’s gone. 
       There is a principle called “cause and effect” and it is inherent and absolute to Natural Law.
The lack of harmony in thoughts, emotions or both can be awful and often results with a negative behavior acted out in the World. This principle helps to explain how our choice of actions and behaviors are the root cause of the consequences that follow, be they for good or ill. It’s difficult to cure an ill especially while occupied in the effect and focusing on the root cause last.
       I strive to be very mindful and respectful to and with all; however, the lack of reciprocity often devastates my peace of mind, calmness and comfort. You are standing too close to me is easily telegraphed with signs and gestures, but due to personal choices or patterns of habit, some people either lack perception or just choose to ignore obvious signals. Personal space seems to me is a right that can only come to fulfillment with serious ownership of personal responsibility.
       I remember reading somewhere that the term “AURA” in medicine refers to a distinctive sensation or visual disturbance that may signal the beginning of an epileptic EPISODE.  My mother has Epilepsy and in her case there is no control of the aura, it just comes upon her.
       I was diagnosed with Bipolar-Disorder in the year 2000 and I experience something similar to this aura definition.  My aura is often triggered by external offensive stimuli to my senses that cause chaos to my nervous system. I found my behavior exhibiting mood swings, to be triggered by the intolerance of my senses to external unwarranted or harsh stimuli.  I really don’t like to admit the fact that I am extra if not super sensitive about my personal space, which actually encompasses all of my senses.
      Please allow me to show you what I mean; picture yourself standing with arms stretched out as you spin on the spot. In your minds’ eye, are you able to feel and see a field all around you?
Well, this field really designates, etches out, and defines a boundary of your personal space.
      I have the problem and you have the solution and vice a versa but nothing will be gained unless we each own up and take responsibility. We all have a certain level of control regarding the ability to respond to a condition or situation. Personal Space is not a make believe thing so may I recommend for your consideration, an arm’s length as an appropriate distance to keep during any one to one interface.
A rule of thumb is that if I can straighten out my arm and you’re within the range where I can land a punch, you may actually be too close.
      I keep an arm’s length away to respect the personal space of others but I become very uncomfortable and get awkward when my personal space is disturbed. This is greatly magnified if a low or limited level of confidence exists with the disturber. I always consider the golden rule when dealing with others, but I’ve noticed the senses of touch and hearing are the most intruded upon. I realize, we all like feeling good but this by no means grants anyone a license to say or do things out of habit.
     The skin is the biggest organ on the body which means the sense of touch is of great importance.
It is this very sense of touch that is often transgressed with the least of concerns.
     I use the 1,001 rule for such cases which is basically a 1 second timer for the sense of touch. 
To speak the phrase “one thousand and one” takes the same span of time that 1 second would lapse. 
I apply the 1,001 rule like a 1 second countdown timer for cutting off physical contact.
I put effort to not make physical contact longer than 1 second with others and expect the same.
An arm’s length is a proper distance to keep when interacting in general with others.  If any physical contact is to be had then it’s best to keep in mind the 1,001 rule.  
    Loud noises can easily become irritable turning into toxic noise that triggers reactions and intentions of fight, flight or freeze and zone out. One thing is noisy annoying machines, but it becomes more dynamic as some people have a voice with a loud volume that transmit a state of anger, rage, tone, and bad attitude even from an arm’s length.
    Letters are tattooed across my eight fingers. The ink spells out a beautiful and permanent reminder to my soul. ” W.O.R.D.” on the right hand and, ”D.E.E.D.” on the left hand.
The words are spells that chain and sharpen my conscious awareness to the present.
The sight of the words tattooed on my hands, at times catch my mind and serve to bind me in this plane of existence. The words on my hands serve as spells that trigger to remember, to remind and reset.
Do no harm in word and deed but rather strive for harmony in all ways. A tall order that is very tough and exhausting.  I do my best to mind and respect other peoples’ personal space and expect the same.
     A mindset begins its’ definition from a worldview, a perspective or an outlook.  I like to think the set in mindset refers to inborn tools plus adaptive skills and abilities gained that help with better judgment.
      I would like to motion and submit this humble draft of a concept of the Universal Declaration of Personal Space for your consideration and welcome any and all feedback.  I have faith in mankind and believe this declaration could be a positive step towards raising the present human condition.
      To summarize, the key of this universal declaration of personal space comes down to personal responsibility and we all have the ability to respond and be at cause. I am of the mindset that each human being is actually spirit in the flesh with a choice to live the true golden rule. Don’t cause harm with your words and your deeds, but instead strive for harmony with all.  An arm’s length is a proper boundary of distance for personal space and if any physical contact is involved it’s best to mind the 1,001 rule.  I know it’s my choice to pay attention to the matter or not and now you know of this too.

Pedro Vallejo a.k.a. “Page” - 2019

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