Dec 04, 2022


shared by or involving three parties.

  • consisting of three parts."a tripartite classification"

Speech is silver silence is golden

Justice is to honour 

The essence of the living law through due process in rendering judgement demonstrating fair remedy.

(Heavy) CANONS

  1. All law is first auricular. (Spoken)

   2.  Controversy in law must be resolved (all debts must be paid - all contracts must be honoured)

The burden rests on us to prove the flaws

A claim not contested stands true.

Hence; Silence is consent.

Rebut or counterclaim 

Counterclaim: never references their claim

  • presents the facts that may be used in the claim in contrary manner

  • It’s using the same events but presenting them different 

  • If u reference their claim once - your done - it’s a trap

Rebut, U must use their procedure to change the system - their Justification being?

3.authority is hierarchical - the law is hierarchical 

Centre of our culture is religion 

Divine law is the highest form of canon law.

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