The Mission

Dec 04, 2022

I tend to often be still and in the stillness, I capture my thoughts and emotions.

I project love, peace, and Joy in my interaction with others.

"Love am, Peace am, Joy am - Fruits of a spirit of goodwill, I am." is my mantra.

If I approach you in this fashion why would you cross me?

It is part of life I guess to form resilience and eventually overcome.

It is difficult, but it's an intentional discipline.

The divine creator or whatever you term it to be is the Infinite Intelligence of our subconscious mind.

The ID is our conscious mind. It is your identity.

Free will is a gift from the creator and an intentional discipline that aligns with infinite intelligence will bring less folly.

The ID can be corrupted by the EGO(everyone's got one).

The EGO tends to attach itself too much to material things and hold on to antiquated ideas that need to be reassessed.

The ID that becomes an EGO is like a shell that will break and shatter in its due time.

Napoleon Hill said, "Learn to control your mind or it will be controlled for you."

When the EGO shatters your emotions and thoughts go haywire and all the kings' horses and all the kings' men cannot put you back together again.

What does it mean to be authentic?

My take is when the heart and mind work as one before acting out.

To me, an ID linked to Infinite Intelligence is an intentional disciple of goodwill.

LAW.. Land Air Water.. Land = Equity , Air = Trust , Water = Contract..

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