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Dec 04, 2022

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Fri, Mar 18, 11:37 PM

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The other day I experienced hate speech. Someone online proceeded to call me a terrorist; that I stand for terrorism, that I am an imbecile and a stupid fool. I reported such as hate speech and Facebook removed the post. Hate speech is not tolerated and is illegal. 

Section 319(2): Promoting hatred—makes it an offence to wilfully promote hatred against any identifiable group, by making statements (other than in private conversation). The Crown prosecutor can proceed either by indictment or by summary process. The maximum penalty is imprisonment of not more than two years.

This made me reflect on how is it so, that our Prime Minister is still in power and allowed to continue to promote hate speech amongst a large group of the population? Justin Trudeau has proceeded to call partially vaccinated and unvaccinated racists, misogynistic extremists, that have unacceptable views. 

According to our Charter, sections 319(2) it is an offence to willingly promote hatred outside of private conversations and there are penalities for such including indictment and/or imprisonment for up to 2 years.


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