Dec 04, 2022


Means maximum power transfer due to synchronization of frequencies 

I watched an interesting video recently.

The major topic was about power efficiency.

The claim was that if resonance was maximized for use, 

we would be consuming a lot less power

This right here! Is the ypower coming from the electric  company into an AC motor.

How many people know AC motors have to resonate?

they have to go from power source to the motor, 

back to the power source power, 

power is flowing in both directions - back and forth

Now, when the motor resonates with something,

If the thing it’s resonating is the same frequency of the motor, then you’ll get a perfect power factor and you’ll have perfect performance .

If what it’s resonating with is out of sync, 

then you’ll be lucky to get a 50% efficiency out of a 90% efficient motor because your power factor is off.

It’s not resonating with the right thing.

The electric company puts a transformer on a pole outside of your building. All the motors in your factory are resonating with a transformer on a pole outside. Guess what? These are never in sync with any motor. 

Do you know why General Electric serves on the board of directors of electric utility company in the United States?

Make dog gone sure these are never in sync with any motor. You understand the concept?

Now, We can build a transformer - like this one it’s called Tank  circuit.(transformer) put it right up next to the motor and let your motor resonate with the transformer.

They’ll be the same frequency and boy do want to see the difference in power for you.

Now, I’m going go ahead and turn this on. 

The motor is running the generator is lighting the lights - that’s the load.

I take my watt meter and zero it out, and  

Power coming from electric company

Resonating with outside transformer -18. amps

Add Tank circuit - 10 inches of line - no 6.8 amps

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