Pattern and Matter by Page

Pattern and Matter by Page

Dec 04, 2022

Once upon a time, one is born - this is not some fairy tale for it is happening all the time.

The pattern of the Universe brings forth the matter of life.

A divine spark manifests on earth from the aether, it is housed in flesh and immersed in water.

In its due time, it comes out for air to finally face the sun.

From a cozy womb into the world – is born a divine spark in the flesh.

 A Soul, Spirit, Heart eventually comes into being. A wild child of Mother Nature manifests.

The environment soon disciplines and one learns quickly to adapt through many traumas.

From the get-go, taking one’s first breath to then learning how to breathe is traumatic.

A natural resilience is gained by adapting and overcoming.

Enter the social engineering to transform and indoctrinate since man is a social creature.

In time, one’s opinion will become a perspective which waivers from the truth.

A day will come day when one shakes their head and asks.

 “What happened to my wild child?” Could there be some out there?

Do you hear a voice crying out in the wilderness?

LAW.. Land Air Water.. Land = Equity , Air = Trust , Water = Contract..

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