Dec 04, 2022

Split Second <[email protected]>

Tue, Jul 30, 2019, 2:36 PM

Ideologies without 'LOGOS'' dissolve into what they are, not a thing.  The separation of church and state is a communist tenet. Even Nietzsche realized and saw in his work that it  could potentially lead to atrocities . The monkey suit did just that. In the last couple of centuries more people have died in wars than the total that died in all wars prior to them. I.N.R.I. claimed ,"Before Abraham, I AM". Abraham the Babylonian 'JOB'. Mystery Babylon continues to this very hour, the group of vessels to be used  as beacon of Divine Providence opted not to do the 'JOB'. The anointed one manifested and the monkey suit with its pride and arrogance would not accept the terms of the new cove net. The powers and principalities of Mystery  Babylon have been defeated. There is the eternal pattern that births all matter. It is a matter of fact. I.N.R.I. Is the the way, the truth and the life. In this tale of 2 cities, there can be only 1. In Christ, am a citizen of New Jerusalem. Here comes a new heaven and a new earth ... Mystery Babylon  is falling and all its powers, principles, kings and men can do shit about it. Come let us reason says the lord  - a tall order especially where monkey suits void of conscience are concerned. The beauty is GOD is in control, no monkey suit worshiping his own image can change that. I have always wondered what made my Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Irish etc. friends pick the handle 'WHITE' as their identity. Why put your culture and heritage out to pasture  - for Mystery Babylon of course. You are buying into 'WHITE', while the same adversary guides those with melanin on their skin to register the construct of WHITE Devil as their enemy. The art of war - divide and conquer. The question that remains is how does one win battles, to win the war if his crosshairs don't even know what or who the enemy is. The city of man (Mystery Babylon), where man is God will be no more. Our Father, Who 'ART' in heaven, hallowed be thy name( I Am), thy Kingdom come, thy 'WILL BE DONE', On earth as it is in heaven.(2 places does not mention world(monkey suit construct)  - for yours is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory .. Forever and ever. I.N.R.I. has provided the revelation, the plan to all the servants of the Most High,  his GOD and Father. We all have free will to choose, but after the choice is made you will be subject to their consequences. "Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law" is the motto for the city of man. (Mystery Babylon where MAN is GOD) has a little clink in the armour, that being a monkey suit gave life to a construct called man. This man construct is the image of the beast(monkey suit void of conscience). The line has been drawn by I.N.R.I. You are either a citizen of the New Jerusalem via the Christ or you will die in your sin. The world is full of rhetoric and jargon not to mention the haughty intelligentsia claiming expertise on any given matter, but they could not possible know unless first a pattern instructed. This monkey suit world has got to go or the cycle of monkey see, monkey do will remain. Mystery Babylon  your time is up ... You've eyes to see and ears to hear - GET OUT OF HER.  Her calling card has not changed from her inauguration that being to steal, kill and destroy.--

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