God Economics

God Economics

Dec 04, 2022

Today I built a desk out of some lumber I picked up from the local yard this week. It’s a remarkable way to express myself and build incredibly useful furniture for around the house. I’m learning new skills, refining the art of carpentry, and getting some much needed time away from the chaos of our fallen world and the City of Man.

People have been asking me how I find the time to do things like this while running Gab and raising two young children. The answer is simple. I don’t watch TV. I don’t use Facebook. I don’t follow any sports or celebrity gossip. I don’t watch Hollywood movies. I spend as much time as possible living in the City of God and fleeing from the City of Man.

It’s astonishing how much time you have when you remove the things of the world from your life. I spend several hours every week outside going for walks, photographing the beauty of God’s creation, and every dad’s favorite pastime: mowing the lawn.

Something remarkable happens when you exit the City of Man and start living in the City of God. The City of Man is the society that not only rejects God, it is anti-God by design. In the City of Man there is no objective Truth, only feelings. There is chaos, division, hate, fear, sorrow, and sin.

Living in the City of God starts with having a Christ-First Kingdom-Oriented Mindset. When Christ is the cornerstone of every aspect of your life making the shift away from the City of Man becomes rather straightforward. Just ask yourself some simple questions.

What does binge watching Netflix all night accomplish for God’s Kingdom?

How does worshiping at the church of NFL instead of your actual church on Sunday glorify God?

Does watching Fox News for 5 hours every night after work really help you get closer to God?

You all know the answers. Yet so many Christians fall into the pit of the Enemy’s hands by dedicating all of their time, attention, and money to the City of Man.

If we are going to survive the rise of global communism we need to start building for the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory of Jesus Christ our King.

We need Kingdom Economics.

Where are Christians spending their money?

Where are Christians spending their time?

In the City of Man.

How do we change this?

If we unite and work together to lay the foundation for a parallel society we can simultaneously build the largest and fastest growing Kingdom Economy this side of heaven while toppling the City of Man by refusing to live in it any longer.

The point of Kingdom Economics isn’t to only support Christian businesses exclusively, although I won’t complain if you choose to do so, but rather it’s about making a conscious effort to support Christian-owned businesses FIRST.

In doing so you are Kingdom building for Christ and His Church. We need to unite and help one another. Buy things from one another. Communicate with one another. Love one another. We need to make a strong and dedicated effort to keep the majority of our time, money, and data with our brothers and sisters in Christ and start building for the Kingdom.

When we do the entire City of Man will collapse on itself into a pit of ash. We are the backbone of their economy. We need to stop propping up the demonic system with God’s resources. Everything we have belongs to God. We are shamefully using what God has mercifully provided us with to fund, support, and live in the City of Man.

It needs to stop.

I know things seem dark right now, but from my view I can see the light of God working in a big way. I’ve been on the phone all week with so many Christian business owners and entrepreneurs who are rising up. Parallel Christian healthcare services, insurance, banking, homeschooling services, and so much more.

Our God is the living God and He is on the move. His people are answering the call to build, protect, and preserve what is good and Holy, together.

Keep the faith brothers and sisters and do well to live in the City of God and flee from the City of Man.

To God be the Glory,

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
Only Jesus Saves

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