Flourishing Flowers by "Page"

Flourishing Flowers by "Page"

Nov 13, 2022

Each one of us is a flourishing flower.  

Our essence always existed in the garden beyond the aether.

Close to the creator and his infinite intelligence where all is embraced into his subconscious mind.

Failure to correspond that all is mind will always bring folly down the road.

Our conscious action must not waiver far from the heeds of his internal quiet voice.

Within us, there is a silent witness to our sins and crimes.

Our free will allows the option of a bad choice followed by its unchosen consequences. We can often sense and feel our countenance depart from us.

Each of us is a spirit in the flesh - A soul that inhaled life from the great ocean of breath thereby becoming a living soul.

The semantics may differ as to how the divine spark is labeled.

How does one preserve the pristine soul/spirit/self within?

The environment limits one to the outside for it’s bound to the immutable laws of nature.

There is a season of beauty and in beauty, we are one and the same.

Beauty, the true, and the good are transcendental.

In our lifetime we all feel or experience regret, shame, and guilt.

The reason for this I believe comes from the attachment to earthly things and holding to obsolete explanations that don’t work anymore

How does one restore the soul after transgressing the law?

I propose taking the "Gold Pill" for a start.

This just means an intentional discipline to positive conscious action.

One does not put new wine in old skins.

A narrative is just a collection of texts, perhaps it’s time to reassess.

We were in a Paradigm as if living in the Matrix.

All truth will be revealed - what will be your narradigm (Narration Paradigm)?

All things don’t square in time, but time squares all things.

It’s a great time to manifest a garden of blooming flowers ...

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