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Dec 04, 2022

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Dr. Jones would gain enormous leverage in communicating his points if he starts the discussion by simply asking the other guy to honestly answer this straightforward question:

"Mr. Moscowitz, do you agree with me that all countries should encourage and allow each and every citizen to freely research, investigate, and transparently study all facts and all perspectives about WWII - or to the contrary do you think it's proper for there to be laws that make it illegal under threat of financial penalty and threat of jail time if a person attempts to research, investigate, and transparently study all facts of WWII?"

If Charles Moscowitz is an honest person, then he will fully support and encourage a free transparent study of all facts related to WWII with no intimidation and no coercive threat for students. A full study of the facts can only help Mr. Moscowitz's viewpoint - if he is telling the truth.

If Mr. Moscowitz is being fraudulent about WWII, then he will demand that people continue to be punished and threatened when they attempt to study the facts. He will try to prevent research.

This applies to any one of us. If we are being honest and truthful about a historical event, then we will encourage a full transparency of facts and a full freedom for others to investigate any related topics, any related questions, and any related statements. Because with each additional investigative activity, more of the truth will be revealed and more people will see that we are correct, accurate, and right.

J-wish people have compelled all countries to enact punishing laws which prevent people from investigating the factual truth about WWII. These laws have been drafted and formalized by j-wish people. This demonstrates that they already know that their own fabricated stories are false and inaccurate. If they were telling the truth they would encourage a free study of the facts - but they do the opposite.


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