Art in Heaven by Page

Art in Heaven by Page

Nov 16, 2022

Art in Heaven

Art never finishes.

What is seen or heard by the audience becomes a new perspective in their being.

As long as the audience is able to see and hear, true art never finishes.

It feeds back to a new overall internal construct where the sight or sound will not remain static.

In essence the process is a constant and this constant is a trait of creation.

Creation creates creatures with creativity.

The corresponding question will arise undoubtedly.

“Who is the Creator of pattern and matter?”

Regardless, beauty is in the eye or ear of the beholder.

Art never finishes, for song and works of art are foundations to a never ending stream of

perspectives and inspirations. Art never finishes, as it also serves to inspire and birth more Art

on the scene. Art is truly never finished, the creative artist is Art in motion and so is their Art.

On this plane of existence Art never finishes.

By Pedro Vallejo a.k.a. “Page” - 2019

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