The Little Free Library! And a Transitio ...

The Little Free Library! And a Transition...

Aug 25, 2023

Hello Owlets!

August is getting on and we haven't posted much this summer. Katie and I have talked about how we use this space—how we have used this space, how much we still use it now that Owl's Nest is up and running, and how many other things we are doing as a company that duplicate what we do here—and our conclusion is that it's time to transition away from Buy Me a Coffee. It was a great way to get the word out about our new business, to gather support and much-needed start-up funds, and to bring friends, family, and interested newcomers along for the ride. But interest in supporting us here has waned for many months as people have gone on to support us as an actual business in our other spaces. That is a natural progression, and we are so happy and thankful to see it happen!

But this isn't our last post. We are going to get our Owl's Nest Little Free Library up and running, and we would love to chronicle how that goes before we shut down our Buy Me a Coffee. Some of you gave us money for the project, and we want to make sure you see where your donation went. Posts from here on out will be a little more sporadic, however, as we are extremely busy with our publishing schedule, with some travel this fall, the podcast, and lots of other things (that we hope you continue to keep up with)!

So, what is happening with the Little Free Library? Katie and I went thrifting a few weekends back and found this great (if shabby) antique, wooden laundry hamper that we are going to convert into the main library "box."

Obviously that tin artwork of the lady on the front is going away; we're going to replace that with a glass pane. But before the glass goes in, we will sand and paint it Owl's Nest colors—and add whimsical touches, like an owl-shaped knob. And we will add a weather-proof roof and shingles, of course! We have a lot of work to do, but we are confident that it's going to be so cute when it's finished.

Until Nest Time, when we return...with more pictures!

~Karin & Katie

P. S. Thank you all so much for your support over the months and years—it has really meant so much to us! As we wrap up our time on Buy Me a Coffee, we will let you know when our final post is going to be. If you want to keep up with Owl's Nest (and haven't done so already), we hope you subscribe to our podcast and follow us all across social media!

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