A Little Holiday Break and a Big Thank Y ...

A Little Holiday Break and a Big Thank You!

Dec 21, 2021

After a lot of hard work, sickness, stress, and drinking from the firehose of business-building 101, Katie and I are taking a little break for the holidays. We can't afford a long break, and we will continue to do work through about midweek this week, but this will be our only Buy Me a Coffee post until next Monday.

But we definitely want to say "Hello!" and "WOW" and "Thank you SO MUCH" to all our followers, members, and supporters who have come along in the last few weeks before we take this break! We are overwhelmed by your support and by the way in which you've helped us reach what feels like the first benchmark in our fundraising. We're over a quarter of the way to our initial goal of $1,000, and we're just getting started!

That is so amazing, and we have so much (SO MUCH) coming up to share with you all. We can't wait to roll up our sleeves and get back to work on the other side of the holidays.

Thanks again, from the bottom of our fluffy, feathered hearts!

Hoo Hoo,

~ Karin and Katie

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