A Case Study: Kenidra Woods (Internation ...

A Case Study: Kenidra Woods (International Day of the Girl Child, 2022)

Oct 11, 2022

Kenidra Woods began her activism journey at the age of 13 following Micheal Browns death and the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting advocating around the issues of sexual assault, mental illness, self-harm, domestic abuse, and women's empowerment.

She was sexual abused at the young age of 7 and was bullied throughout elementary and middle school. These experiences took a toll on her mental health which led her into mental advocacy and storytelling.

Kenidra decided to share her sexual abuse story to encourage other victims of abuse by publishing a book at the age of 15. She also created a short film, A Heart of Hope and founded the CHEETAH movement centering on mental health.

“Mental health is ignored in our community. It’s blocked out. We are so accustomed to being strong. That’s all we’ve known to do. It seems to be looked down upon, and I want to change that, and I’m going to change that,” said Kenidra on an LA Sentinel interview.

She created the Hope for Humanity Project: National Rally for Peace to inspire and empower students for peace.

Kenidra is an activist that stands to end bullying, gun violence, and the stigma surrounding mental health.

Kenidra is a girl child we stan. ✊🏾

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