June 2023 - Trip Planning

June 2023 - Trip Planning

Jun 13, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature, designed to help you plan and share your travel adventures. Our trip planning feature allows you to effortlessly create and save trip itineraries while providing peace of mind through automatic email notifications to your emergency contacts. Say goodbye to worries and welcome a new era of safe and organized travel!

Effortless Trip Planning: Our app simplifies the trip planning process, empowering you to create detailed itineraries with just a few clicks. Whether you're embarking on a solo journey or travelling with a group, our user-friendly interface allows you to easily input the essential details of your trip, including the destination, dates, participants and emergency contacts. With our app, you can effortlessly organize your schedule, ensuring you don't miss a single moment of your adventure.

Stay Connected and Safe: We understand that staying connected with your loved ones and ensuring your safety are of utmost importance while travelling. That's why our app goes beyond the standard itinerary planning features. By inputting the contact information of your emergency contacts, our app automatically sends them emails with your trip details. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance, your contacts will be promptly notified and have the necessary information to assist you.

Peace of Mind with Return Notifications: One of the unique and essential features of our app is the ability to set a return date and time. As your journey comes to an end, the app sends an email to your emergency contacts, informing them of your safe return. In addition, the app can also notify the participants of your trip, ensuring everyone involved is aware of your safe arrival back home. This functionality provides reassurance to both you and your loved ones, fostering a stronger sense of security throughout your travels.

Efficient Check-In System: To further enhance the safety aspect of our app, we've integrated a check-in system for participants during the trip. By confirming their safe status at the end of the trip, the app generates an update to keep everyone informed. In case someone forgets to check-in, the app can send reminders, ensuring that your participants' safety remains a top priority.

Head to OSN application and plan your next Trip with us!

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