January 2023 - Public Directory

January 2023 - Public Directory

Jan 06, 2023

Introducing "Public Directory" with this version. Public directory is collection of our members that choose to list their contact information to our other members so that a member in need can reach out to you directly. You can set to show your phone number and/or email address in our public directory.

In "User Info" page, you can manage your public directory settings whether to show your email address or phone number or both. By default your information will not be listed in our public directory.

Under Public Directory, you can see our members that are listed in certain geographic locations. You can filter our directory by country only, country and region or all the selections.

You can also search by a geographic location if you want to only get a list of our members that are near a certain latitude and longitude.

"Save Directory" will save this list to your browser, to have it available for next time you log in and "Delete Directory" will clear your saved list.

"Download Directory" will download the list onto your device as a text file, in case you go out of cellular reception and you would need the list later.

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