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Outcome 2023 in Chandigarh—A conference ...

Outcome 2023 in Chandigarh—A conference or a carnival

Jan 23, 2023

But I said that Outcome is a conference.

Well, let's see how Outcome is not less than a carnival as well for all the participants*.

—If you have sent your entry for the caption contest, we shall showcase the winning entry for the audience reference and will later mention it in our post-conference publications. Of course the winning entry gets a 50% discount on the ticket—as a refund after the conference is over. (See details if you have participated yet)

—Get a chance to speak on the stage—draw for any 3 participants and you can speak for a short ten minutes talk on the stage.

—Get a gift voucher of 2000/- to buy books from a library of resources (yes, you read it right)

—Get captured on our pictures and videos and be a part of Outcome brand

—Sponsors’ gallery where you can know about their work and solutions

—If you are not happy with the conference asked, get a 20% refund of your ticket money—no questions asked

—Enjoy an international networking dinner on the evening of day one—meet the fellow speakers and fellow participants and build conversations for work and life

—A workselfy contest where you need to take a selfie while in the conference and share it on Twitter or via email to us. The best caption or message in the selfie wins Rs. 1000/- Amazon shopping coupon 

—You win a one-hour work consultancy call with me—valid for 90 days after the conference is over (see details of my paid call consult options)

—One luck winner will win a 20% discount on India’s best Caravan holidaying experience by the immaculate and ever-inspiring Captain Suresh Sharma (live the experience for a minute).

—A deal—If only you can buy a book and read it, write to me to discuss your takeaways and I will give you a free pass to the Outcome 2023 (see the story)

—Tremendous main course lunch on two days

—Tea an coffee breaks on two days

—Chandigarh is the near-perfect city to talk about design, structure, methods, and the systems. If you are traveling from outside Chandigarh, take away the best memories of seeing the city beautiful.

(All the above benefits are available only to those who buy a paid ticket. If you have a free pass, we reserve the right to give you selected benefits only.)


—500+ reasons to join Outcome 2023 (link)
—Why you should hire Outcome to do a job for you (link)
—See this Outcome 2023 introduction video (link)

10-11 February. The beautiful EDC Building, IT Park, Chandigarh.
Get your ticket today.

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