Carillon on a Birthday Song, Op. 36 | St ...

Carillon on a Birthday Song, Op. 36 | Steven Monrotus | VU St John's Church

Sep 20, 2022

This fun and effective Carillon based on Happy Birthday tune was created by my friend from the US Steven Monrotus. The composer dedicated it to all his friends and family on their birthdays. An interesting thing happened when I was recording it at VU St John's church the other day. It took me several takes to make a proper recording and when I was done, a visitor from the Netherlands came to me to the organ balcony, introduced himself and said today was his birthday! Then we took a picture and he sent it to his wife and I sent it to Steven to let him know how his piece affected another person. Lesson: you never know who might be listening to you downstairs and in what special way you might touch them. Let me and the composer know if you enjoyed this video!


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