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Important announcement!

Important announcement!

Dec 29, 2021

Hello lovelies!

so if you may have noticed, unfortunately BMC no longer supports PayPal payments. Now it’s either card transfer or Swipe. This is a frustrating update as I know PayPal is what mostly people use, and because of this I have considered moving back to patreon. But I also love the features on offer here still. Because of this I am suspending this months rewards, and to have a decision finalised by Jan on the future of my BMC account. What does this mean for my supporters? I would love any and all feedback on what you would prefer! Now that I’ve been with BMC for about a year, there are definitely things I like but also things I believe Patreon did better… but I also want to know how it’s like for my users! Do you rather BMC even without PayPal option? Or do you not mind? I’m in two minds about the whole thing and would love more insight! I will post a special December/New Years downloadable reward ASAP for my supporters to download as a gift from me so keep your eyes peeled for that dropping here soon! In the meantime I will update you all once a decision has been finalised ❤️

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