Posts from January 2021

Posts from January 2021

Jan 29, 2021

I read and share a bunch of things on Facebook from 2021 - hopefully I will get into a regular pattern of listing them here for convenience.

For a start - the things I've shared in January 2021, enjoy!

Things I posted in January 2021

1. Someone wants to be a George Kennan in the US foreign policy community. The title, "The Longer Telegram" is a play on "The Long Telegram", written to contribute towards a robust American strategy to deal with China.

2. From March 2020, about how machine learning on large datasets on people's lives might not yield much value on long-term life trajectories:

3. AI really doesn't "understand" language - I think the metaphor is inappropriate, it is after all, just statistics:

4. 4. This is from a scientist at the frontier of age-related disease, about how ageing itself might one day become a disease, with implications for longevity:

5. Larry Fink's annual letter to CEOs - might be an important component of how corporations will handle climate/carbon considerations - an important plank of decarbonisation.

6. How climate crisis might end up making the world more xenophobic and extreme:

7. From December 2020, about how the Party-Capitalism, with the CCP is a new paradigm to look at state-corporate relations. Part of Xi's campaign to bring more of the economy under control:

8. I thought this was just a fun picture to show the complexity of making chips - the kinds of advanced technology that China wants to learn:

9. Bellingcat, an investigative NGO, looks at the Qanon conspiracy:

10. MERICS - a German thinktank that looks a lot at China - looks at how China is developing its sustainable development strategies. Suffice to say, without China's productive capacity, it would be a lot harder for renewables to get to where they are today.

11. General Motors now wants to go all-in on Electric Vehicles - one heck of a shift that will be.

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