CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Review

CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Review

Oct 02, 2021

As the leading mainstream cryptocurrency digital media resource, I was delighted to find out that CoinTelegraph had built a platform that offers a service that I had yet to find within the cryptocurrency industry.

From my inception as a cryptocurrency investor I have always asked myself, ‘How do news outlets get information so quickly?’ If there was a way to get information in the crypto market at the same speed as they do then surely this would be a game changer for investors. On a daily basis you see assets being listed on tier 1 exchanges and subsequently shooting up in price, what if we could get that listing news at the exact same time as it was published? Would this change the way we make decisions?

This is when I discovered CoinTelegraph Markets Pro, a sleek, user friendly platform that provides real-time crypto insights. With an abundance of statistical data, this service has four main features and aims to provide investors and traders with a new found level of knowledge and power. 


NewsQuakes, a key feature of CoinTelegraph Markets Pro answers a lot of the questions I have set out above. It is an algorithm designed to look for three types of announcements that have the greatest potential to move crypto prices: staking, listings, and partnerships. The feature automatically scans through thousands of websites and social feeds to detect potentially market-moving developments moments after they get published by primary sources.

This data is then immediately sent to the CTMP platform and the Discord community, and users are instantly alerted. This is the same service that writers depend on at Cointelegraph to track breaking stories. I'm over the moon! With all my initial questions answered, from now on I can rely on the speed of the algorithm and beat the vast majority of investors.


The VORETCS score is also an awesome tool, which can be combined with Newsquakes and one's own trading strategy to enhance decision making when placing a trade or an investment regardless of one's level of experience.

VORTECS stands for Volume, Outlook, RealPrice, Tweet Volume, Elevation, Confidence, and Sentiment - the components used in calculating the score. It monitors key market metrics through historical data. Each asset is given a score (1-100), the higher the score the healthier the outlook is for positive price action, in turn this shows that a combination of market metrics and social activity around a certain coin generally precedes significant price increases over the next 12-72 hours. On the other hand, the lower the score the opposite the effect, a low score could be a great signal that the coming price action is historically bearish; with that, either exit prior to a possible drop or place some cheeky low ball orders.

The platform allows you to create a watchlist with all your favourite assets in one place, giving you a personalised feed to CTMP. 

Altseason Indicator

The final feature within the CTMP platform is the ‘Altseason Indicator’, which works in a very similar algorithmic way to the VORTECS score. It helps figure out whether it is a good time to be holding altcoins or prioritizing BTC investments in the next 14 days. Altseason can take on values from 100% Alseason to 100% BTC season.

Personally I monitor this in combination with the Bitcoin dominance chart and it gives me a great idea of what asset I should be holding.

Discord Community

Now, hold me back! This part of the membership rivals any other crypto community I have been part of. A huge server with endless sections of knowledge, information and generally a great welcoming community vibe. 

Starting with the weekly exclusive interviews and AMA’s featuring industry experts and key influencers, as well as Cointelegraph’s own editorial experts. This gives everyone in the community a voice to ask questions about anything they wish, whether that be technicals, fundamentals or specific questions to the special guest. Also… you will get your chance to ask ME questions, come along and AMA!

As well as multiple sections for general chat, trading and lambos there are also two very important parts. NewsQuakes and VORTECS categories, both giving you the ability to set alerts and have them sent directly to your mobile device, a key factor in providing you the information  as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

History always has a strong possibility of recurrence, back that data with your own trading strategy and this is the complete package. Come join me in a thriving community, invest in yourself and take that next step towards financial freedom.

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