The New Face Behind Openspace - Who is @ ...

The New Face Behind Openspace - Who is @Mem?

Feb 05, 2024


Greetings Openspace community! It's been a journey getting to know each and every one of you, and your generous contributions to the Openspace project through Buy Me a Coffee have not gone unnoticed. Today, I'm excited to introduce myself, Massimo Raimondi, the person behind the @Mem handle. So, as you continue to support this project, here's a glimpse into who you're supporting.

Early Years and Education:

Born in Canada in December 1984 to Italian parents, I, Massimo, am a proud multilingual individual, fluent in English, Italian, and some basic Spanish courtesy of Duolingo. I embarked on my professional journey early, graduating with a computer networking diploma at the tender age of 17 from a local college. This marked the beginning of my career in big corporations like Sunlife Financial, Bell Canada, and even the iconic Blackberry. In case anyone cares, my MBTI type is INTJ-A.

Personal Life:

In 2013, I tied the knot with the love of my life, and our family recently welcomed our first child, a baby boy, in September. The sleepless nights are real, but the joy is unparalleled. Balancing family life with professional commitments has been both challenging and rewarding.

In the realm of my personal life, the past year has been a poignant chapter marked by both joy and sorrow, presenting a series of challenges that have tested my resilience and strength.

Welcoming a New Life Amidst Adversity: As my wife and I joyously anticipated the arrival of our first child in September, the shadows of adversity loomed. At that same time, my father was grappling with a challenging 7 year battle against cancer. The emotional rollercoaster of preparing for new beginnings while witnessing a loved one's health deteriorate added layers of complexity to an already intense period.

Tragically, my father succumbed to his illness in June 2023, leaving a void that words cannot adequately express. Coping with the grief became an integral part of our journey, a process that continues to unfold with each passing day. Following my father's passing, my role shifted from joyful anticipation to supporting my mother where my handyman skills, which were once dedicated to personal projects, were now redirected to assist my mother in preparing her house for sale. It was a bittersweet task, filled with memories, but also a necessary step in moving forward.

In the midst of that drastic change, my mother embarked on a new chapter. She sold her house, opting for a more compact space suitable for 1 person. Until the closure of her new place at the end of February, she will be residing with me. Amidst the chaos and the additional workload, the bond of family becomes a source of strength and support. I've come to realize that life's challenges often come uninvited, demanding resilience and adaptability. While chaos may disrupt the ordinary, it also brings an opportunity for growth and understanding. As someone familiar with chaos and accustomed to going the extra mile, I find solace in the shared moments with my loved ones, even amid the challenges.

Through these experiences, I've learned that life's journey is a tapestry of highs and lows, and it's the strength drawn from personal connections that sees us through. If you've faced similar challenges or have wisdom to share, feel free to connect on Openspace by tagging me @Mem. Here's to navigating life's intricate dance with grace and fortitude.

Professional Path:

After my stint at Blackberry, where I delved into Agile project delivery and learned PHP coding, I dabbled in real estate entrepreneurship. Despite facing setbacks, this experience taught me valuable lessons about resilience and the importance of learning from failure. Not one to shy away from hard work, I dedicated my spare time to constructing homes, creating a balance with my day job in software development.

With 11 years under my belt, I currently serve as a Senior Manager of a Software Development team. Additionally, I wear the hat of a college professor in Canada, imparting knowledge in subjects like Project Management, Financial Technology, and Management programs.

Passions and Volunteering:

Beyond the corporate world, I find fulfillment in giving back to the community. Volunteering to assist immigrants in settling into Canada, such as recently furnishing an apartment for a Ukrainian family, has become a significant part of my life. It's these experiences that keep me grounded and remind me of the importance of community support.

Hobbies and Leisurely Pursuits:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of my professional life and the dedication to Openspace, I find solace and joy in various hobbies that add a dash of balance and leisure to my routine.

  1. Family Time: The cornerstone of my leisure activities is undoubtedly spending quality time with my family. Parenthood, as chaotic as it may be, is an adventure I wholeheartedly embrace.

  2. Chess Enthusiast: Engaging in a game of chess is not just a strategic exercise for me; it's a mental workout that I relish. The intricate moves and the thrill of competition make it a favorite pastime. If you want to play a game, find my on under the alias massimorai.

  3. Italian Soccer Devotee: As a proud Italian, my love for soccer, especially Juventus, runs deep. Watching matches and passionately supporting my favorite team is a tradition that brings a sense of cultural connection and excitement.

  4. Literary Exploration: In the realm of literature, I delve into books on philosophy, theology, and personal improvement. The quest for knowledge and self-betterment is a continuous journey that I find both enlightening and fulfilling.

  5. Green Thumb: Gardening is a therapeutic escape when the weather permits. While the Canadian winter might limit outdoor activities, nurturing plants and creating a vibrant garden is a hobby I eagerly anticipate when the temperatures are more forgiving.

  6. Melodies and Rhythms: Music holds a special place in my heart. Not only do I enjoy listening to a diverse range of genres, but I also have a history of playing it. I was once a part of a band, and the memories of creating music with fellow musicians remain cherished.

  7. Fitness Fanatic: A commitment to a healthy lifestyle is crucial to me. Regular exercise is not just a physical necessity but a means to clear the mind and maintain overall well-being.

  8. Culinary Adventures: Cooking is both an art and a joy for me. Experimenting with flavors and creating delicious meals is a culinary adventure I undertake to unwind and share moments with loved ones.

If you share any of these interests or have recommendations, feel free to share them on Openspace by tagging me @Mem. Here's to the joy of leisure and the richness it adds to our lives!

Openspace and Beyond:

Finally, Openspace holds a special place in my heart. I've taken up this project because I believe in offering users options in social media experiences, with a focus on community and privacy. It's not just about resurrecting a platform but envisioning a growth trajectory that ensures its existence for years to come. I'm here to bring Openspace back to its bustling community roots, and your support is crucial in making this vision a reality.

In a nutshell, I'm Massimo Raimondi - a hyper-productive, multitalented individual who finds purpose in a myriad of roles and activities. If you want to learn more or just have a chat, drop me a message on Openspace by tagging me @Mem.

Cheers to the Openspace community, and here's to the exciting journey ahead!

Yours truly,


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