A typical Childminders Day - by Audrey A ...

A typical Childminders Day - by Audrey Atkinson

Aug 30, 2021


I usually wake up a 6.45 am. Rollover and check my work phone and emails for any urgent messages example non attendance, weather, local incidents and traffic. I then have a shower, brush my teeth, do my hair (✿◠‿◠) to look my best for a fabulous day.


I start the children's day by displaying a few interesting toys and books out as well as bricks to encourage independent and creative play.


The first loud knock on the door of the day. A 2 year old greets me, removes his shoes and waves a hurried goodbye to mum as he dashes in to see what he can play with. Before I open the safety gate, each child has to wash there hands.


The next child arrives, they say goodbye to dad and does the same as the first child. Then off they go to find their friend inside.


Another knock at the door. A big smile from the baby, as Mum goes happily to work.

Over the next 40 minutes we expect two more children to arrive creating a mountain of coats, shoes and bags. Various activities are now happening in both playrooms, from animals to cars to watching educational multimedia.


Its time to share breakfast. Breakfast is offered to all children whether they have had or had not had breakfast. Children love freshly baked bread with melted butter or banana porridge with blue berries. We do have a large variety of nutritious breakfast for all.

9.00 am

15 and 30 hour funded children start to arrive. We now have energy of happy and excited children, diving deep into play, lots of giggles and laughter.


Time for a story in the story corner, the older children choose a story cushion and the baby sits on my knee as I read interesting stories.


There is a choice of toy boxes for the children to pick from, today it is puppets and stacking toys. As a puppet is chosen we sing a song and the toddlers and baby join in. Everyone has a turn choosing and operating the puppets, including the baby who wears it more like a glove.

The children then continue their play alone as I go to prepare snacks.


Snack time. Hands washed and everyone is sat down and ready for a snack time.


Snack is eaten, and cleared away and its time for circle time. This is great for engaging in sing songs, dance, letters, numbers and days of the week. Also an opportunity to talk about the weekend if its a Monday, any special birthdays and Show and Tell.


The children continue their in door or out door play as I go to prepare lunch. My assistant would be using this time to engage and observe positive behaviour.


It is time to come inside and wash our hands or to tidy up the toys inside. Children have lots of fun finding the right toys for the right boxes.


We all love to express ourselves and we use this time for dance and exercise.


Lunchtime!  we all sit down at the table, for lunch. Lots of chatter over lunch, so many learning opportunities.


Nap and quiet time. We find favourite toys and blankets and everyone settles down for a nap. Tired after a busy morning.

While they rest I can tidy up the lunch mess and sort out the activity for when they wake.


All awake and everyone wakes to the sounds of the jungle, safari or rainforest music. Big stretch... Toilet and nappy changing time, lets all wash hands


Snack time, after a fun day everyone is ready for a drink and snacks.


Craft time and the children gather round the table to see what activities are on offer. The theme this week is treasure boxes, created from a junk box. lots of treasure hiding inside, sparkles and glitter.


The craft is completed and all look great. Everyone puts on their shoes and coats to go outside and look for treasure, hidden in the garden. The older children kindly help the little ones.

5.00 pm

Everyone is back inside and hands are washed and everyone gets ready for home time.


Story time again, this time I choose a book and we gather round to listen. A good activity to wind down ready for home.


As I read, parents are arriving to collect their children. Shoes, coats and bags are found and activities proudly presented. There are lots of waves and shouts GOOD BYEEEEEEEEE!


The last children have left, its been an amazing day.

Now it is time to sit down and have a nice large cup of blue mountain coffee before sending the parent logs, cleaning and vacuuming and preparing to do it all over again.

A typical childminders day by Audrey Atkinson of Oopsy Daisy Daycare

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