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Something like it.

Something like it.

May 30, 2022

Once upon a time, not that long ago
I felt some kind of balance, I felt the energy flow...
it was like a drug, I wanted more and more,
And just like a drug, I'd look anywhere to score.

Try and do whatever it took to feel that way again
But everywhere I turned, I'd be put in a spin...

When I sobered up and took the nine to five,
Always longing for that which made me feel so alive.
The "normal life" was not for me, i knew this deep down
I wasn't meant to be stuck in this god-forsaken town.

Try and do anything to feel something again,
always finding small doses, feeling the spin.

Inside my head, constantly at war,
The voices within, harder and harder to ignore.
Always feeling like it is time to go,
But to where, I did not know.

Fearing I may never feel that way again,
remembering the last time, I felt the spin.

A long time has gone by since I felt that way,
Even though in my mind, it was just yesterday.
Because of this, I tend to lose track,
Getting lost, distracted, mind gets hijacked.

Going down and down, a constant tailspin,
But I've got to pull up, I can't let them win...

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