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May 14, 2022

A long time ago my light became dim,
So I took it and buried it deep within.
now I am always awake while everyone is sleeping,
cause there's no difference between nightmares and dreaming.

It's a thin line between an Angel and a Demon...
Stuck in my head constantly screaming.
Blurring my vision,
Adding to the condition.

But don't mind me,
This will always be,
I feel full and so empty...
Always in between conflict and harmony.

I feel so many things from one minute to the next,
So many things can be taken out of context...
Used against me, twisted, hexed...
And I'm left broken and vexed.

I watched the pieces fall,
But I kept building the wall,
Trying to forget it all,
But I remember everything, big and small.

I have my own issues, I didn't need theirs,
Yet I still took them, their secrets and affairs.
Confess to me their deepest fears,
A conduit for them to release their tears.

At some point I became too full and couldn't control,
I couldn't shut them up, so I'd drowned them with alcohol.
This was only a temporary stall,
So many "Me's", I have to do roll call.

Which one is taking control today?
Which direction, which roadway?
Angel's betray.
They tried molding me like I'm made of clay...
Its because of them that darkness is in my DNA.

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