Oct 28, 2023

Touring like mad. This is Earth's time. Abraham OK for the moment. Recuperation going well, so must focus on funding tour and work for a bit. Here's text from latest leaflet. Abrazotes (big squishy hugs) and thanks, Paul. 

      "One Planet. One People. I’m privileged sing and speak for those whose voices are routinely stifled, to raise support for their gallant work on behalf of us all. In this, my old home-made guitar itself is a wonderful example: waste woods represent the scorned wisdoms of the discarded indigenous ones, hi-tech strings sing the best of our own extraordinary society. Together – and only together, interdependently - the wood and strings create beauty. Exactly so, the beauty of Earth’s healing lies in the creative interdependence of all our wisdoms and peoples, weaving a filigree of tenderness cradling the whole Earth. One Planet. One People. In justice, peace - and beauty, Paul. More information: MAKE EARTH GREEN AGAIN! 

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